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Totally Inspired – 10 things I love about MY MUM!

Meet my Mum! My mum is truly an inspiring person! She is the most selfless, hard working, strong minded person I know! I love her so so much!

My mum grew up in a family of boys, I don’t know if that’s where her strength came from but It is truly something to aspire to.

She has taught me so many things. She has fought my every battle. SHE IS AMAZING!

10 things I love about my mum:

1. Selfless! My mum is so selfless! She would do absolutely anything for anyone without expecting anything in return. This is including anyone she meets in the street. Sometimes I think she’s crazy. She would go without everything for us!

2. Bargain buyer expert! One of the best things my mum has ever taught me is that it doesn’t matter what it is but if you are saving more money than you are spending, then it is a total bargain! This may get us into a little trouble sometimes but it’s definitely a good excuse to shop in a sale.

3. She is so nice to people she doesn’t know. Sometimes this is frustrating to me if we are in a hurry but it shouldn’t be. My mum will stop and talk to anyone in the street. She is so caring. She could talk forever and I love that about her!

4. Hard working!!! I can call my mum from anywhere in the world to ask her a question and she will find out for me. I mean, I hang up the phone and within 5 minutes I am getting a call back with the answer. She goes to the end of the world for me, i am so appreciative.

5. Great saver! My mum is the best at saving money even when there isn’t much around. She is so good at locking money away and getting ahead.

6. Makes great decisions! When my mum was 16 years old she bought her first house. This is so cool! She new that is was a smart decision, she new it would pay off and it did. It rose in price by 1600%… AMAZING!

7. Fun! My mum is so much fun! We have had so many fun times together. So Many funny memories. When I had friends over as a teenager she would always sit down and chat with us. It is great!

8. Strong! When my dad passed away 7 years ago it was a really hard time for us. It was a really hard time for my mum as he was her buddy, they worked together 24 hours a day and all of a sudden he was gone. She stepped up to the plate as both mother and father and has been an amazing power of strength for the family. 

9. Always a story to tell! My mum always have a good story to tell. Some stories are from way back when and they are hilarious. My mum has had so many amazing times in her life and I love hearing her share them!

10. She is ALWAYS right! (This one is for you mum, haha)… I try to never admit this but every time I get something wrong, She quickly reminds me… “Cassie, I told you I’m always right!” I just laugh as sometimes I know I am right but she’s my mum and she can win!

May 13, 2012