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Totally Inspired – Meet SACHAS!

Have you ever met someone that beams that much good energy that you walk away feeling like a better person, empowered and totally inspired?? Well today was the day for me. Lately I have had some amazing opportunities to meet some incredible people. I love it! I love the passion that comes from people who have been inspired to do good! Today there was more!

Asha (my sis) and I were off to the Mind body and Spirit festival to Listen to seminars, raw food demos, check the products and meet up with a friend of Asha’s; a boy. To put it plainly, I had woken up on the wrong side of the bed; tired, grumpy and not interested in conversation. So we got to the expo and met the boy. By the end of the day, this boy had taught me so much by just being himself. It was incredible. I am not only feeling alive again, I am so excited for what is going to happen next.

Meet Sacha; a young guy with a big Dream. A big dream for Life! Sacha is an entrepreneur in his own right. Sacha went through a tough time in the later years of high school and when he hit rock bottom, he made a decision to be a better person, he made a decision to be something, he made a decision to live it and do it! With this came his brand Sachas; to inspire people of the world to make the same decision. Then came his foundation; Sachas Love. He began writing a book at age 17, started his own publishing company and then published his first book; Teens Big Dreams at the age of 20 which has amazing reviews. He holds workshops all around Australia inspiring teens to have big dreams! Not only that, now he has a Fashion label. Sacha has built an empire at 22 years old and more ideas are evolving every minute! This guy is amazing! Sachas website is awesome. If you are anyone, you should check it out, sign up to his daily inspirational text messages, attend a workshop and read his book!

I absolutely love inspiring others but sometimes I find it hard to inspire myself; whether it be feeling tired or feeling like there is too much going on, it all brings negative energy and we don’t want that.. We want the positive stuff, ALWAYS!
I was lucky enough to spend the whole day with Sacha and I seriously learnt so much by just walking around with him. Here are a few things I picked up along the way:

  • Be confident and stand up straight; confidence brings a great presence and starts conversation. 
  • Smile! If you smile, people smile back. A face tells a thousand words, a smile doesn’t only make you feel good but it makes others around you feel good too. 
  • Always introduce yourself confidently, use eye contact and ASK THEIR NAME: I have a bad habit of avoiding introductions when I am tired. I noticed every person Sacha spoke to; whether it be a stall holder, an speaker/performer or a customer was worth knowing and talking to. Sacha has this presence that makes people want to talk to him and he listens so intently because he us genuinely interested. 
  • Ask questions and Listen : Everyone has a story. If you ask someone a question and listen to the answer, it shows you are interested and that makes a connection and also shows you care. People don’t ask many questions anymore, they should.
  • Don’t use the words “but”, “maybe”.  If you use these words it means your hesitant, don’t be hesitant! Be confident! You are right. 
  • Do what makes you happy!!! If you are happy and passionate about something you will share your love

    so easy. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. If it is your dream – just DO IT! 

With these great tips that just came out in Sacha’s body language and presence; came so many amazing stories, studies, books, quotes, all about why the love of yourself and your own life is so important to be totally fulfilled.
Life is such an amazing thing and it’s yours to own! Love it! What are you waiting for? CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT!

 Introduce yourself to Sacha. Visit www.sachas.com