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I found WOTNOT when holidaying at my mums, down the coast in my favourite organics store; Saltwater Organics. It was in the heat of summer and I was looking for a sunscreen for my babe. When I went into the store they stocked a whole range of natural sunscreens. As I was scanning the shelves the WOTNOT naturals 30+ sunscreen caught my eyes. I just loved the name, such a great idea. So I took it to the counter and asked the owner what the best natural sunscreen was to buy and without seeing it in my hand she told me her favourite was the one made by WOTNOT. So I was sold. I took the sunscreen and went on my merry way to the beach. I have heard many stories about babies getting second degree burns from having a foot hanging out of the shade in the beaming hot sun and it has stuck with me for life. We spend alot of time in the sun so we need to have something that works. When starting out with natural products you always wonder if they are going to stay on and work. Having a small baby to test it on is a bit scary but after a couple of hours in the sun, in and out of the water we were burn free! It was fantastic! It is quite a thick cream which is super moisturizing and I love it for myself also. 
Baby wash
After our beach adventure I went home to my beauty therapist of a mum and showed her our latest natural purchase and she tried it. With a bit of a shocked expression on her face she started reading the ingredients… She looked up and then said; “Cassie, this is better than most face creams! You should be using this! It’s fantastic!” When she says face creams, she means better than the expensive brand creams that are lining our walls on the department stores? YES!!!! The ingredients in the WOTNOT naturals family sunscreen are better than the expensive chemical fixed brands that you and I have been wasting our money and time on for years!
WOTNOT naturals was started by two mums on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that wanted to give their children the best start to life! They have a strong passion for toxic free living and they have teamed together to bring us a brand of natural products for our families. These two fabulous ladies have created a brand that we as parents can feel safe to put on our babies skin!
They know WOTNOT ingredients to include, they know WOTNOT’s good for us… so why not try WOTNOT?
The company is great and I love to buy products from people with a great passion for living! The best part about this company is that everyone that works in the warehouse are mums. They all time share their positions so they can spend the most time with their families. They are a brand that cares! 
Now, all the baby products we use in our house are WOTNOT. We never have nappy rash, We never get sunburnt! And what makes it better is that I gave some WOTNOT wipes to a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago that’s baby had very bad nappy rash and severe red dry rash all over his face from wiping it after meals. She thought he had eczema. After 2 days she called me and said that all rashes and skin abrasions had totally gone! AMAZING! Their products are REAL! 100% Natural! Products are free from: artificial fragrance, petrochemicals and mineral oils, lanolin and phthalates , soap, sulphates & other drying agents, parabens, petrochemicals & glycols and other commonly used ingredients that can be irritating or drying to skin. All products are safe!!!
And they don’t only have products for babies! I have been using their naturally nurturing facial wipes for a couple of months now and they are brilliant! They even remove heavy eye make up. I do alot of dance performances and getting heavy make up off at the end of dances in a hurry is a nightmare. Sometimes I had no choice but to use the toxic wipes that line our supermarket shelves and my face would be covered in a red raw rash that night. Now with WOTNOT facial wipes there is no rash, no irritation, just moisturised make up free skin. LOVE THEM! With that they have brought out a fantastic and reasonably priced Vegan Make up brush set you must also check out! 

We want you to try these fantastic products as we think you will love them just as much as we do so we would like to offer 10% OFF your WOTNOT products purchase with coupon code WOTNOT123 at checkout. 
You can purchase all WOTNOT natural products from our online store; http://shop.chooselifeliveitdoit.com
Naturally nurturing facial wipes
Vegan Make up brush set
The lovely creators of WOTNOT at the mind body and spirit festival; Sioned Guard and Sinead Roberts.