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7 tips to PARTYING on a detox!


If you ask anyone that knows anything about health then they will tell you that you can’t party while your detoxing. To detox your body and mind you must give your body sleep, rest, and lots of down time. Its true, your body cant cleanse properly if you are out all night dancing on tables. You need to give your body the best envirnment but a trip to a deserted island is not alway possible and there is always something to attend especially when you have children. During my health kick program that I am currently on, we have been busy, well we are always busy but I have noticed it more lately because I have to be more prepared. So these are a few tips I have put together to keep you on track when cleansing and being out and about; whether it be a kids party, a night out or simply just catching up with a friend.

1. Be prepared to say; NO thank you over and over again! Ohhhhhh, so many events that I go to, the hosts offers me food that clearly I am not intending to eat and when I say, “no thank you”, they eagerly encourage you to just have one, its only one. Well, its not only one… You have made a pact to your body that you are going to cleanse all the crap from it, so follow through.

2. Pack your own snacks: This is something that I do often. Always have some nuts or something handy to snack on if you get a craving, especially if something looks mouth watering, you wont go hungry. Dont be embarrassed to wip your snacks out and have a chomp. I even take my own milk out to a cafe if I know I am feeling like a creamy hot drink.

3. Take something homemade: I love doing this, I love baking! Make something that you know you can eat and enjoy and take it along to the party. That way yolu wont even be missing out on cake as you can just have a slice of your own.

4. Check the menu: If you are headed out to a restaurant call ahead of time and ask them if they have a meal option for you. If they dont, then recommend your friends try somewhere else where you know you can enjoy something to eat.

5. Drink water: Like any cleanse, the more water you drink the more toxins you wash away.

6. Don’t be afraid to be the first one to go home; if you are tired listen to your body and go home and get some rest. You will probably be suprised though, you will most likely have the most energy as you are only putting clean food in your body.

7. Relax and enjoy: Enjoy yourself! You dont have to miss out on anything just becuase you are eating healthier. You are eating real food, enjoy how good your body feels!

Choose life, live it, do it!

Cass xo

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