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Chi coconut water

I love coconut water! Everyone should love coconut water! Coconut water is the most amazingly refreshing sweet hydrating drink you will ever come across. It is a necessary item you should always stock in your fridge. It is the best for making green smoothies but I also add to cakes, in baking, to make coconut milk, or just on its own. I usually just drink coconut water from the coconut as I have tried alot of different coconut water from packets and I can never find one I like, they are all terrible. Well, that was until today when I found CHI coconut water.  I LOVE IT! 

The FACTS – 
Coconut water in the water that is in young coconuts. Its not coconut milk. It is of water consistency. When you open a young coconut it pours straight out. 
Coconut water hold natural electrolytes and will hydrate your body at least 4 times better than water. That is why it is known as a great hang over cure. Also fabulous for nausea, vomiting, toilet bugs. If you have a kiddy with a tummy bug try getting them to sip on some of this stuff of freeze it down into icy poles. 
Coconut water is low in fat and calories, has no cholesterol and has a natural balance of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium – making it the wonder drink it is.
Chi coconut water is 100% pure, full of all its natural vitamins, nutrients, sugars, minerals, and salts and can be enjoyed by any age group!
Chi coconut water has only 1.2grams of Natural sugar, this is fantastic as other brands in Australia have over 4.5grams per 100ml. 
Also, Chi have the re sealable cap on the 330ml which is unique in Australia as well as the 1 litre version.
They have really got it all sorted for us busy people that don’t have time to climb coconut trees and crack them open ourselves! 

NOW FOR THE FUN PART!!! I want you ALL to start drinking coconut water so I have a competition for you to win a whole case of CHI coconut water! It’s easy to win! 

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Winner with be drawn at random by CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT at 9pm on July, 3rd, 2012. Winner will be announced no later than 9am of the 4th of July, 2012.
Cass xo