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It was another great day at nature care college with Georgia from Stirring Change learning about all things RAW and LIVING! Raw living is a great introduction to why raw, living food should be a large part in our diets.

During the day we were introduced to many Guru’s of the raw food world and how many different theories there can be from fruitarians, to raw vegans, and even breatharians. All the different theories and research was very eye opening and food for thought. Through the day I definitely got the picture that being a raw vegan is perfect treatment for cancer and diabetes as it is so detoxifying, it is a great cleansing detox diet short term but long term may not be that great for our health as it is lacking alot of amino acids most peoples bodies need to work. Don’t get me wrong, it has worked for many people and they are totally transformed, for example Mimi Kirk who is over 70 and looks absolutely amazing! But most people that are on a full Raw vegan diet are eating their own living fruits and vegetables that they pick straight from their organic gardens. This is an unrealistic picture for most in this day and age. And taking a suitcase full of supplements

In spite of saying all this; RAW, LIVING food is the bees knees. Raw food caries the most amount of nutrients and our diets should be at least 60% raw every day. This means trying to have a green smoothie in the morning and a big salad with lunch and dinner at least.

We finished the course with some amazing raw food treats as always when you attend a course of Georgia’s. It was a great day and I am looking forward to my next raw food experience in July when I attend Omid Jafarri’s; Botanical Way Course… ARRRHHH SO EXCITED!

Here are some interesting raw food facts – 

  • We should be eating at least 60% raw foods daily.
  • Cooking food creates chemical reactions that form toxins.
  • The reason why cooked food can contribute to cultivating cancer is that when you cook food it creates endless chain molecules that are toxic, aromatic, peroxidising, mutagenic and carcinogenic (sounds scary I know). For example; in a grilled potato alone a study identified 450 novel chemicals and tested them for toxicity. Every one of the first 50 were proven to be carcinogenic to laboratory animals and then the study was closed down because they were too scared of what they would find next. And then what makes things worse is that if the food is non organic it creates 10-90 times more ETU (a mutagen and carcinogen). Its crazy! Organic is the way too go and if you can pick it straight from your garden while it is still basically alive then its even better (not that that is easy for most of us with hardly a yard).
  • Don’t ever mix starchy foods with protein (for example; potatoes and meat). 
  • We should be at least 60% raw in our everyday diet.
  • If meat is eaten cooked it should be marinated and only cooked maximum medium/rare, which will create 50% less toxins when cooking but if you are detoxing for disease reasons then meat shouldn’t be included.
  • Raw food can’t be the best diet for most long term nutritionally as it misses alot of amino acids but its great for cleansing toxicities like cancer and diabetes. GREAT TO REVERSE CANCER and their are lots of studies to prove it.
  • Raw food is anti-aging!

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