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I quit MILK and coffee – So whats next?


I am officially off coffee. Been a couple of
months/years in denial but from a couple of weeks ago when I started my health kick I wished away coffee for a while… cold turkey. I don’t know but
there is something about a hot milky cuppa. Around 12pm everyday I put my
toddler to bed and sit down with my treat – A homemade, organic, full cream
milk cappuccino! Ok so I don’t think I was addicted to the coffee, personally I dont think coffee is that bad for you in moderation but I think I
was addicted to the milk… I just love milk. There is something about it, I
dont know, I just love it! And its not good… 
Cows milk is known to have so
many amazing health properties and we are instructed to give it to our babies
when they turn 1. Its the next step from breast feeding or formula. But why? So
we know its full of protein and calcium but why are we instructed to give it to
our babies when so many people have trouble digesting it? In todays society lactose
intolerancy is so common. I believe the reason why there are so many people
lactose intolerant is because there is something missing in the milk we are
drinking to help us digest it. All milk that we buy from the supermarket whether
it be organic, non organic, homogenised or un-homoginised… It has been
pasteurised!! Its illegal to sell milk that hasn’t been pasturised? Why? I
dont know, ask the big dairies… They will tell you that it has to be because
of germs, contaminants etc but I ask why can we buy unpasturised goat’s milk?
Why can we buy unpasturised sheeps milk? Its totally a political thing but I
wont go into that now. When milk is pasteurised it is flash heated, it is
believed that no nutrients are lost but this is wrong. Raw milk is made up on
lactose and lactase. Lactase is in the milk to help us digest the lactose. When
raw milk is flash heated (pasteurised) the lactase is removed therefore we are
only left with the lactose which we cant digest properly. With this, we barely
absorb the calcium in cow’s milk, but to make matters worse, it actually
increases calcium loss from the bones. Cows milk along with alot of other animal products are acidic. Milk acidifies the
body pH which then triggers a biological correction. Calcium is an acid
neutraliser and we have the most calcium in our bones. So whatever calcium goes
in is then sucked out to neutralise the acidifying effect. And there you have
it, it then leaves in your urine and you are left calcium deficit! Hmmmmm…
doesnt look good. To go with that, now there have been many scientific
studies that have shown an enormous amount of detrimental health effects
directly linked to milk consumption including, asthma, increase fracture risk,
colic, iron deficiency, food allergies, cancers, contaminants, diabetes,
osteoporosis and the scariest of them all – INFERTILITY!
It’s a scary thing… But the bottom line is, we
just don’t need it! It has become a staple in society and we must be aware;
milk today is a PROCESSED FOOD! There are many nutrient dense foods that
can help us to meet our calcium, potassium, riboflavin and vitamin D
requirements with ease and without health risks. Almonds and leafy greens are a
great example! If you think you cant live without a milk drink there are many cows milk alternatives that are easy to make; almond milk, cashew milk, brazil nut milk, coconut milk and rice milk. Stay away from SOY milk, its worse than cows milk as far as I’m concerned.
So what next? I cant tell you to stop drinking milk, and stop giving it to your children. Thats your decision but I don’t think I will ever go back and I would never let it become a staple in my children’s diet. Don’t get me wrong; if I am at a cafe and the only thing that will keep my daughter busy is a babycino then one every now and then I hope wont hurt her and for me this winter I will be enjoying the alternative hot drinks listed below:
DANDELION ROOT TEA – My new found coffee! My naturopath got me onto this as it stimulates the metabolism, increases energy and is a fantastic liver support. It tastes a little like coffee and you can add your choice of milk with it. I just love it! I buy the tea bags that are a blend of chicory root and dandelion from my local health food shop.
MOTHER EARTH CHAI – This is an amazing caffeine free blend of herbs and spices to give you a sweet taste of relaxation. This tea is truly bliss. I simmer it for 20 mins with some rice milk and it is the perfect morning tea or night cap. You can buy it here.
ANY HERBAL TEA – In resent months I have become a total herbal tea phene. I love sipping on and breathing in yummy herbs. My fav’s are peppermint, fennel, lemon and ginger. YUM!

What are your coffee alternatives for this winter???

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