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Poaching the perfect egg


Eggs are so amazingly good for you! They are high it protein and they are high is very important fats! They are the perfect snack or meal for your baby or child. They are fantastic and we love them in our house. Eggs though can be cooked in many different ways  and most of the time people eat them fried. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I tell you, don’t do it! Frying food creates so many chemicals that make food extremely hard to digest and may be carcinogenic. Scrambling is also not good as it is breaking up the good fats and when the yolk is cooked to hard then it is a lot harder for our bodies to digest. Another mistake people make when eating eggs is removing the yolk, people are led to believe that this is a better way to eat them as the yolk is highly fattening. Well yes, it is high it fats but good fats. We need fat for development, to digest food and many more important health reasons. Eggs were created with a yolk for a reason. Our bodies need both parts of the egg to digest it properly so eat the whole thing and enjoy it, lets face it… the runny yolk is the best bit!!!! So lets keep it simple eat eggs boiled or poached and enjoy it with the yolk runny! Boiled eggs are the easy ones but poached can get a bit tricky so here is the trick… Heres how to poach the perfect egg. ENJOY!

Water 5 cm high in saucepan
1 Tbls Apple cider vinegar


  1. Place water and vinegar in a shallow pot or deep pan.
  2. Bring water to just below boiling. Don’t let it boil or things will get messy.
  3. Break egg as close to water as possible
  4. Make sure it doesn’t stick to bottom of the pan and water is surrounding.
  5. Cook approx. 5 minutes. You want yoke to be soft and whites to be firm.
  6. Strain and put on some paper towel to absorb more water.

Serve! ENJOY!

June 19, 2012