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This week I undertook the Schkinny Maninny fruit and vegetable juice detox. The idea of a juice cleanse is to give the body a break of having to process hard digesting foods and just give your body a hit of nutrients. As I have mentioned previously, drinking a fresh vegetable juice is sending nutrients into your body on a super high way. The body doesnt have to digest all the fibres and its a great shot to the body when its feeling a little low and it really gives your digestive organs a rest. You can read more about why to detox here.

  • Schkinny Maninny are a Sydney based company that bring the juice cleanse to you. That was what impressed me the most. I have done my own juice cleanses before and for the amount of juice that you drink you are either cutting up vegetables, juicing or cleaning up most of the day. To do a juice cleanse for 3 days and have no washing up = AMAZING!
  • On the Schkinny maninny program they deliver your fresh juices cold in an esky every morning. This means the juices are fresh.
  • You recieve 6 juices and soups a day to consume so you definitely dont go hungry. When people think juice cleanse, alot of people freak out and think that they will be starving, well if so this is the cleanse for you because by the end of the day I couldnt even finish the last juice.
  • The juices are RAW! All juices that are in the supermarket are pasterised just like milk, they flash heat it to kill any bacteria but this also creates chemical imbalances as well as stripping nutrients making alot of juices toxic when they hit the shelves. So dont fear with these, the Schkinny maninny juices are all raw straight from the juicer.
  • Each juice or soup has their own specific nutrient health properties and it is listed on the bottle. I loved that as I was drinking the juices I could read what the benefits were, it makes you feel even more determined to get to the end.
  • Another thing I was impressed by was the amount of fibre in the juices and soup. Our bodies need fibre so although they are juices and soups they still include that little bit of fibre to help our bodies to keep going to the toilet.
  • With your morning delivery you also get some seeds to chew on during the day, this is just to get you chewing a little and keep yor digestion working properly. 
  • Each esky has a card in it which gives you your menu and info for the day. Its great as it gives you insights as to how you will feel through out the day as well as some inspiration. 
  • You also get daily emails to keep you going. I loved that part!

Sample menu:

  1. Schkinny Leap Frog – a refreshing green smoothie of spinach, parsley, kiwi, apple and cucumber
  2. Schkinny Vego Mego – a zesty combination of beetroot, spinach, lemon, celery and ginger
  3. Schkinny Lentil Luncheon – a spicy legume and tomato based soup
  4. Schkinny Vego Mego – a zesty combination of beetroot, spinach, lemon, celery and ginger
  5. Schkinny Coll, Meg and Lee Soup – a creamy soup of cauliflower, leek, sunflower seeds, celery and nutmeg
  6. Schkinny Sleep Well – a relaxing nut smoothie of almonds, brazil nuts and almond milk

Ok so lets get to how I felt –

Day 1
Busy day… I started the day with my apple cidar vinigar and my daily inspiration nutritional card with the heading; “Hunger is 90% in the mind”. I decided to have that mind set for the next three days and if food came into m mind I would just accept that its not an optin and move onto the next juice or keep busy. So by the time I had finished giving little P her brekky and get her ready I started my first juice at 9am… YUM! And I mean yum yum yum! It was a very green juice of kiwi, apple, spinach, parsley, and wheat grass, so it was a nice hit of chlorphyl and energy. I then went for a great walk with my lovely friend and naturopath, Layla.
After our walk I headed home back to work and got into my second juice, also very impressed with the taste. This one was a carrot, ginger, and a few other yummies.
I wasnt hungry at all, the juices were so big. They make the juices huge so you wont go hungry.
I am usually an eater. I love food so I was really suprised that I wasn’t hungry. I had energy, life was good.
I heated my soup up for dinner = DELICOUS! Cream of Spinach.
I then headed of to my dance class like usual and then home straight to bed. 

Day 2
ARHHHHHHHH a headache. When cleansing you can go through many side effects; like diareah, nausea, headaches, cold/flu like symptoms,  etc. I seriously thought I had missed the side affects as I am mostly healthy anyway, being off gluten, dairy, and coffee for over a month. Well, turns out I was coming off something because the head ache was there all day, bad. Just quietly I think I was coming off cocao, oh man I love the stuff so much and I seem to fit it into something everyday… well no more! The headache was a wake up call. The best thing to do when you are feeling symptoms on a detox is to just embrase them and get excited that its ridding the bad from your body and doing good! The day was spent resting between phone calls, emails, a business meeting and a bit of tv … It was a rest day. Around 1pm I started thinking about food, it is the time when my little toddler is in bed and I have a couple of hours to myself and thats usually when I relax, have lunch and get some work done… I tried to quickly change my train of thought and get onto the next job I had to do. For the first time in a long time I needed to go to bed early so I did.

Day 3
Headache still there slightly and the flu… So another day of rest. Ohhhhh I guess when you rest for a minute everything falls apart and the cleansing has obviously cleansed some of the bugs that I was holding back right out of me. I enjoyed my juices but couldnt drink all of each one. I just had half of each one although by the time it got to dinner I really wanted something to eat. Really really bad, but I didnt feel like a juice I just wanted a big peice of fish or something I could chew on but I reminded myself that I would have a nice brekky waiting for me when I woke up. So instead of thinking about food, I went to bed early again. Sleep is good!

Now – post cleanse.
I LOST 1.5kgs! WOW! This was quite amazing as I didnt feel any lighter and on the second day I had no hope that I would lose any weight during this as I was drinking sooooooooo much juice but when I weighed myself post cleanse I am very happy to announce 1.5kgs gone! Lets hope it’s stays off! I am feeling really good that I achieved three days of juices and am very proud that I made it to the end. Its not all easy, even if their is lots of juice around, you may not want to drink one more sip of the stuff at times but to have completed the program I feel very fulfilled that I can do it and that feels great and more confidence into other avenues of life.

I think this cleanse is great for people on the go and working people that want to jump start their health. 3-5 days is not long and you can see the finish line so close as soon as you start. Its a great cleanse for someone that has never done anything like it before as there is enough juice that you are getting the calories you need for the day and the nutrients! Everything is done for you and there is no excuses, the juices are delivered fresh to your door before you even wake up. Its pretty amazing!


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June 23, 2012