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That dredded piece of cake.

 Ok, so I think alot of people can relate with me here… How many times do you arrive at a party intending to be saying no to cake and just can’t? Well, over the weekend was the best example. I am 2 months on my health kick cleanse of no alcohol, wheat, dairy or refined sugar and over the weekend I attended two birthday parties; a 2nd birthday and a 70th birthday. I am one who is usually pretty organised with food and wont allow myself to feel like I’m missing out so my bag usually consists of natural and homemade snacks to pick on while the colourful food comes past me. I actually feel quite fulfilled saying no, to think that I will feel great the next day… I wont be bloated, its a win!
The 2nd birthday party was a breaze. I took my natural crackers and homous and was chasing Pia around. I didnt have a craving of junk. To be honest, I was actually pretty turned off. Nothing turns me off more than to see children getting filled with toxic crap; so many lollies, white bread, I just dont let that happen in our house. One parent actually said to me, quote… “Oh, she hasnt had a sleep today but it doesnt matter I’ll just keep feeding her sugar and she’ll be right, she might get a bit grumpy but she’ll power through”… Power through? Power through what I thought? Power through getting poisoned, having a high, hitting the deck again and then feeling like absolute crap. I keep my mouth shut, and let them get along their merry way. That is one thing that you become good at when do dont agree with other peoples parenting… Silence!

We made it home in time to have a rest and then headed out to the 70th birthday party at a local club. I ate dinner before I went and was prepared to be saying “no” to the trays of deep fried finger food. When I walked in, there wasn’t any of that… All I saw was this amazing cake. And I am talking amazing! It was every colour of the rainbow with the most delicate sugar icing butterflys flying up the 3 teared art piece. Every bit of it hand made by a lovely local lady. I wanted some! I didnt want to wait! I didnt care it was full of crap, I didnt care what it tasted like… I just wanted some and I wanted it now…
So did I stop myself having a piece of cake? Hell no… Did it taste good? NO! I couldnt believe it… it was a dry bit of butter cake! How do I feel the next morning? Hmmmm, Well I have been to the toilet 3 times and its only 10am so that says enough. Was it worth it? No!

As I sat their thinking about the piece of cake I cheated on my belief’s with I started thinking about why I was thinking like this? I was a little kid at a party wanting the bright coloured lolly, fairy bread and fizzy drink. I was a kid that wanted the bright pretty food! I wanted utter junk because it looked good! This is what a child feels like when they walk into a party and see all the trays of junk. This is why they want all the bright coloured pretty food at their parties. WE LOVE COLOURS! As people, we are accustomed to wanting things that look good for it to taste good. Its so crazy how we are programmed. As adults, we can say yes or no to anything. We know whats good for us and whats not. For children; they have no idea. They dont have the will power, they dont know what food is right and wrong unless you show them. So dont put the crap in front of them!!! I have said this many times before but your child will only eat what you put in front of them… You can do what you want to your own body but your child is being taught by you. You are the one feeding them so feed them right!
For us adults, there will always be that dredded peice of cake at a party… Its our decision to make whether we eat it or not. Its ok to say no… And its ok to eat it, but we need to accept that our bodies wont like it. I never thought I could feel this good before but when you have been off toxic, aggravating foods for a while you feel your body running well and you dont want to mess that up. I had the piece of cake, I feel shit today. I’m not going to feel bad about it. I accept what I did and now will be positive for the next day of cleansing!
Be good to your bodies!

Choose life, live it, do it!

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June 7, 2012