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10 tips to turn from CRAZY to SANE this week!

Tonight is a bit of a different night for me… I sit here at the computer a little bit unsettled, a little overwhelmed and a little bit unsure… My baby girl has just taken off with her daddy on her first EVER holiday away from me. My husband has a week off work and he has taken P down to visit her grandparents and as much as I wanted to go, I thought I should man-up and say good bye and stay home to get some much needed work done and fit in some “me” time. In 18 months I really don’t think I have spent a night at home by myself. It feels crazy, every sound I hear I think it is little P. 
Thats the problem with being a mum, its such an amazing feeling yet so much responsibility. We never actually switch off do we? We are always waiting for the next cuddle, the next snack, the next smile, the next nap, the next bath, the next phone call, the next, the next, the next… There is never time to switch off and there is always something to do. My mum said to me once; “Once, you have children you never sleep again!” I laughed but in a way its true; from the minute our little babes are born, they become our whole lives and subconsciously we listen out all night waiting for the next feed. It’s crazy how most of the time a mum will wake up just before their baby wakes up, the energies must be so intertwined. And then as the children enter their teenage years they are heading out all night to parties and as a mum you don’t sleep because your so worried or your waiting for the phone call to go and pick them up. It just goes on forever. We are just so programmed to be good mums and want the best for our children that we would go without anything to give it to them. This is fantastic although so many mums let their lives go for their children and can get lost in the nagging, winging and wanting to throw your head against a wall moments that life can become a little glum. In saying this, I’m not saying any mother wishes their life would of played out differently but I’m just saying that its very hard to fit in time for yourself  when life takes over, so this week let’s all change that and give ourselves some time to breathe…. I know what your thinking, “I DONT HAVE TIME!” Well guess what? YOU DO! And here are some simple tips how:
  • BREATHE… Take a few minutes out of each day to close your eyes and focus on your breathe. This is a very simple meditation you can do any where. Focus on the air coming in and right down to your lungs and stomach and then focus on your breath coming all the way back out. Don’t focus on the future or the past, just focus on the now and breathe.
  • HAVE A TEA… Make yourself a cup of tea and sit, sit down and relax, try not to think about what you have to get done, just sit and enjoy that warm cup of tea in this wintery weather.
  • LAUGH… And I mean really laugh your hardest, put a funny movie on, watch your favourite show, think of a funny memory and just laugh and laugh and laugh. Believe it or not; laughing boosts your immune system, relieves pain, boosts your relationship, helps relieve depression, protects your heart and is an all round mini-workout. 
  • HAVE A BATH… Run yourself a bath and soak yourself in it. Light some candles, play some music, soften the lights and escape from reality for a little while.
  • GO FOR A WALK… Go out in the fresh air and take a walk. Walking can be so therapeutic. Not only does it send you some great endorphins and happy love but it gives you time to really think and soak in the outdoors.
  • HAVE A NIGHT OUT!!!… Call up your girlfriends and organise a night out to dress up, have a drink, good food and forget your a mum for the night. Dance on tables if the night takes you there (haha), just enjoy yourself and have some uninterrupted adult conversation!!! 
  • GIVE YOURSELF A MINI-MAKEOVER… There is nothing better than looking in the mirror and loving what you see. This is so hard for so many people but giving yourself a mini-make over can make you feel like a million dollars! Especially when you know you have worn the same tracksuit pants around the house for the last 3 days! 
  • DANCE… Just put some music on and dance around the room singing into your hair brush! Ok ladies, I know you might laugh at this one but dancing excites so many powerful things in your body. Firstly it gets you moving, lifts your heart rate and sends happy signals to your brain! It is a total mood lifter as you will most likely laugh your head off when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror too.
  • GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT… Book in for a massage or a facial or go and get your hair done, go and do something for yourself. There are so so so many great deal websites out there, it is easy to grab a bargain pampering deal around.
  • EAT SOME CHOCOLATE… I’m not talking the chemical and sugar filled junk. I am talking about the raw organic sugar free kind = AMAZING! Believe me! Cocao (unheated cocoa) is filled with lots of mood boosting properties so enjoy a couple of pieces after dinner. Loving earth makes the BEST, you can get some here.
So your homework this week is to take some time out for yourselves! I want you to take some time everyday this week and make some time just for you! ENJOY!
What things do you do to for “me” time?? How do you keep calm? Share with me!