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What an amazing book! This morning I laid into this fabulous new e-book; Fertilise Yourself by the lovely Natalie Kringoudis; Doctor of chinese medicine and Acupuncturist, Natural fertility educator and Writer. She is a beautiful lady. You can visit her Melbourne Natural Fertility site here
I was totally drawn to this book when I saw the name; Fertilise Yourself. So quirky yet such a big issue in today’s world. Why are so so so many woman struggling to conceive and hold onto their precious cargo? My first thought a few years ago when I was hearing about so many people struggling with this was simple, they are too old! Society has formed us to want the career first and then worry about the babies later and then when later comes, the baby making machine is out of action. Although, lately I am coming across many amazing YOUNG women (I’m talking in their 20’s, prime baby making time) that either cant conceive or cant make it full term… It seems crazy! We must be doing it to ourselves and not even realising, their are so many contributing factors that helps conception along its journey but hey; the two bodies creating it must be in tip top working order to start with don’t they? We forget that we must be looking after ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally to be able to bring a beautiful baby into the world… Our bodies just simply will not allow us to bring something so precious into the world if it is not a great environment.
This book is so simple to read, yet so much information that will assist you to create the perfect baby making bodies. Natalie lists the best foods to eat for fertility, as well as the foods to steer clear of, she gives great steps to create your fertile body; emotionally, physically and mentally. This is not just a book for women, their are great tips for the men too. It is full of yummy recipes, shopping lists, everything that you need to FERTILISE YOURSELF! It is a must have for anyone who wants to create the perfect start for their little ones and all round nourish their precious insides!
Go here to buy a copy of Fertilise Yourself

Natalie has given me two copies of Fertilise Yourself to gift to two CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT readers. All you need to do to enter is answer this question in the comments below:
Why do you think its important to prepare your body for pregnancy?
The winner will be announced in next thursday’s newsletter, so make sure youโ€™re on the list to find out if youโ€™ve won.

Cass xo