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DETOX REVIEW: The Goodness Company… Oh How I love you!

WOW! I feel amazing! 

I have done juice cleanses in the past, but this is not a juice cleanse, this is a real insides cleanse. When you drink juice all day long you are getting a hit of nutrients but you are also getting a big shot of sugar too. Juice is defnitely high in nutrients and a great way to give your digestive system a break but sometimes the sugar can aggravate what you are trying to do; cleanse and detox the body of the bad bugs in your belly.
The goodness company are awesome. They are dedicated to spreading the word of good health through delicious (and I’m talking out of the world amazingly delicious) Raw living foods. They make everything in their kitchen by hand with love. They have so many amazing products including fresh nut mylks, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds, Raw chocolate, Oragnic beverages including Australian coconut water, sweeteners, oils, Super food powders supplements and now their brand new detox program. Their moto is; “Super foods, make Super Humans”. I love it! You can read more about the Goodness company here. 

When I picked up my goddies I was lucky enough to taste their guilt free yummy Key lime tart and chocolate tart. WOW! YUMMO! 
I had a lovely chat with the inspiring Sibele who has an amazing story of her own… What a lovely lady. They are just so passionate about what they do. The company really wants to help people and lead them in the right path to health. AMAZING! I was given the tour of the kitchen and then the taste tests came out = WOW! YUM! You have to get over to their website and order the Key lime tart, the crackers and snacks. Everything is just so yummy, so real and so alive! Can you tell I am in love with them???

Ok so the detox… I completed the 4 day transition program. This is a great option for people who are new to detoxing or still want a solid food component to their detox day and is a very effective form of detox. You have the 3 products below plus 1 meal at lunch time; a salad!

About The Goodness Companies Transition detox program MENU and run down – 

When doing the transition detox program you receive 3 products.
1) Kombucha.
You have this as soon as you wake up and last thing when you go to bed. Kombucha is a sparkling fermented tea that is created by the kombucha mushroom being added and left to grow in tea. In this case the culture or mother is grown in organic green tea which has been sweetened with coconut palm sugar. The mother grows on the surface of the tea and feeds on the sugar eating 97% in 10 to 14 days. This is then bottled. It is an extraordinary superfood!!!! I was so inspired and loving this stuff so much that I ordered my own mother and have started brewing some. 

– Follow this up with herbal tea or warm water and lemon until you begin to feel hungry then consume your smoothie. The longer time you wait to do this the more digestive rest your body gets, increasing the detox phase of the cleanse. About 10am would be a good time for this but its fine to have it earlier.

2) A Superfood Shake.

– A late lunch when you are hungry for salad or veges. Think about a large salad of greens, seeds and nuts and sweet fruits such as tomatoes, red pepper, sprouts, asparagus with simple dressings such as olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Dips with cut up veges is great too or simple vege stews or soups. Try to eat as much as you can raw. Keep your fluids up. 
– Drink this before 7pm. The longer you can give your body between meals and especially last meal at night to first meal in the morning the better.

How did I go?
Well, this cleanse is fantastic. As I have mentioned before, Hunger is 90% in the mind and I am getting a little better at switching the hunger switch off, especially when you know your doing something so good for your body. This was the perfect cleanse for me as it was very low in sugar. I made sure my lunch time meal was a very yummy green salad, very light yet so tasty that I didnt feel I was missing out on anything and then early to bed. I felt truly amazing every day. And to make things even better I got on the scales on the last day and had dropped 2 kgs and have kept it off = WIN!
It was a REAL cleanse of the insides and it was a great way to give my digestive system a rest. I would highly recommend this detox to everyone… Click here to check out everything the goodness Company has on offer!