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Life: A week to be with me.

A Walk (without a pram) in the blissful winter weather.

WOW! What a week that was. I am just coming to the end of my week holiday at home by myself… I wont lie. It has been bliss! No winging, no cleaning, no cooking (well not everyday feeding the troop type), no cuddles, just time to be with me. At the beginning of the week a friend said to me, “Do you miss them?’ I thought for a moment, of cause I miss them but I miss me more. That is in no means to be selfish, I absolutely love being a mum to my beautiful girl and a wife to my fabulous husband but once you are in the everyday roles of being a mum and a wife you loose track of the things that you once loved. And I am talking basic stuff like going to the toilet by yourself, going for a walk by yourself, having a conversation to a friend or just simply being able to go off and do what you want when you want without having to think of anyone else. So this week I caught up on all the things that have been pushed to the side, some blissful pampering, a night out dancing and had some much needed me time. It was so nice to just be. I feel totally revived and excited to give me 2 fav’s big kisses and cuddles tomorrow when they return. So here are a few of the things I got up to this week.

Anti Gravity Yoga lesson with my beautiful friend Rikai and Emy. This was so much fun, such a wonderful experience and a fun day out. We had such a lovely girls weekend together. I loved every minute. Thanks girls!
Breakfast with my sister. How amazing it is to eat breakfast without interruption and enjoy it.  
Pedicure! YAY!

Farmers market shopping without and distraction.

New Hair; well old hair… Just bringing my hair back to where it should be. Plus new eye brows. 
Check this place out in Bondi = AMAZING! The last resort organic detox spa.

Night out dancing with Bridget! FUN FUN FUN!