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My Morning rituals – A mothers point of view


I have been reading alot of blogs lately where the writer expresses the importance of a morning ritual delving into the luxury of meditation, followed by body brushing, then into the 7 steps to waking up their bodies and finishing off with a blissful bit of yoga. As I read all  these fantastic things that I feel like I should be doing every morning I start feeling a little bad to myself, like I am letting myself down by not doing all these fabulous things… And then my mind goes to a bit of jelously; why can she do it and I cant? And then… I just laugh… And realise that it is definitely not written by a mum! A mum doesnt have that much time in the morning for herself. Mornings are filled with running around, organising breakfast, getting school uniforms ready, children dressed, fed and out the door. I approached one of my dear friends about this issue (she isnt a mum). I said, there is no way in hell a mum can do all these blissful rituals every morning. She looked at me and said; “well, you could. You would just need to get up earlier”. Hmmmmm yes I could, but do I want to? My kid wakes up at the latest 6.30am every morning, she usally sleeps the second half of the night in bed with me so to put an alarm on would wake her up too. And do I really want to get up at 5am? Would this be good for me? One word… NO! Everyone is different and in saying this, I am not throwing morning rituals out the window, I think they are great. They are the perfect way to conect with yourself and look after your body. We need to look after ourselves as mums, we have to keep ourselves together so we can look after the tribe. So instead of getting upset at myself by not making an effort to be up and meditating I have decided to add; “sleep as long as you can, dont move until you hear movement” to my morning ritual. A morning ritual can be as simple as having a cuddle with your kids, going for a walk, making a smoothie, or taking a few deap breathes. So here goes; my morning ritual is as follows – a mothers point of view.

1. Breathe – In our house, as soon as I move, my girl wakes up… “mum!” So to give myself 5 minutes (sometimes 0, sometimes 10 mins) I keep very still in bed. This is a good time to take a few deap breathes. Lie still and just be.

2. Apple cider Vinigar – Ok so the kid is awake, I get her breakfast made and under her chin and I pour myself 1 table spoon of Braggs raw apple cider vinigar in a glass of warm water and sip (sometimes skull it down, sometimes pore it into the glass and dont get to the first sip before it is cold).

3. Supplements – Zinc, Spirulina, and Psyllium Husks into a glass of water and drink it down. Follow it with another glass of water. This is usually done in a rush. Alot of the time I dont get to it until lunch time. But it gets done. I love my psyllium.

4. Dandlion Tea – Between getting the kid dressed, me showered and dressed and checking emails I make myself a dandlion tea with a dash of rice milk. BLISS! (This is sometimes made and put to the side and drank cold).

5. Breakfast – Vege juice or a smoothie… I try to get miss P involved so she has interest in also drinking it, its fun too.

5. Exersise – I am loving getting outside in the fresh air at the moment so I have been going for some good walks with P in the pram.

Do you have a morning ritual? What are your morning rituals as a mum??? Would love to hear them!

Cass xox