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Drink your Greens – Green Smoothies!

We know that greens are good! Leafy greens should be a main part in our everyday diet. Ideally we should be having at least 2 large bowls of raw salad a day. Greens are high is chlorophyll, carotenoids, calcium and other minerals and vitamins, as well as essential fatty acids and no cholesterol. The veggies with the darkest colour have the most good stuff, the highest nutrient content!
Our diets should consist of a large amount of raw leafy greens! Yes I said it, RAW! Why raw? Because when you cook anything it kills a lot of the major nutrients.
So how do we get our babies to eat raw greens? Yes, I know it’s hard enough to get anything into a fussy toddler let alone leafy greens. The texture can be hard for them to chew, especially when they have a limited amount of teeth. So instead of sitting around the dinner table fighting your children to eat their greens why not introduce them to a SUPER AWESOME GREEN SMOOTHIE! These are the best as they look crazy and taste amazing! If you haven’t tried one before you may think I’m nuts but once you try it you will be addicted, believe me!
If you can fit a handful of leafy greens in a smoothie for your babes once a day you are giving them a good hit of some great vitamins and minerals and you can rest easy for the rest of the day knowing they have at least satisfied a good serving before they have even left for school.
Make it a morning creation and make it fun. Let your children make up their own creations by allowing them to choose what they want to put in it but just make sure you have a big handful of greens in there to make it a spooky bright green colour! My favourite greens to use are kale, English spinach, silver beet, lettuce and parsley.
If you haven’t got onto kale yet, please jump on that train! It is a wonder food! Kale tastes a bit like cabbage and is super high in usable calcium.
Try to use organic greens when possible, as conventional leafy greens are the worst for carrying the most pesticides.
When you first start making green smoothies have the majority of it fruit so that is it super sweet and yummy for your little ones to fall in love with. As you get used to them, slowly add less fruit and more greens and ease them into becoming super green god’s and goddesses!
Here is a couple to get you started and then let your minds run free. There are so many other mixtures and tastes you can play around with but this gives you a few to get started. Throw everything in the blender and get your kiddies to absorb the goodness!

Banana Bang

1 large stalk of kale
1 large cos lettuce leaf
1 frozen banana
2 cups nut mylk/coconut mylk/rice milk
2 medjool dates
Throw all in a high power blender until smooth = YUM!
1 cucumber
Small handful mint leaves
Hand full English spinach leaves
2 cups coconut water
Throw all in a high power blender until smooth = YUM! 
80/20 Wizz
80% fruit of your choice. Watermelon is awesome!
20% greens of your choice.
Enough water to get the blender moving and make consistency of your choice.
Throw all in a high power blender until smooth = YUM!
ENJOY! Cass xox