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Screw the Pill… It’s all about Fertility Awareness!


A friend asked me recently if I was using contraception and if there were any ways to avoid taking the dreaded pill that her doctor was recommending. What are the other options apart from the very obvious ones?
The problem we face is that in our life time we spend most of the time trying NOT to get pregnant. We understand how hard it can be to get pregnant, most of us have all seen friends or ourselves go through a hard time getting pregnant… It can be a terrible. But what about when you have had your 2 and 1/2 children, your dog and live on your beautiful property enjoying the life. If you are still fairly young, and your body is working in tip top condition then chances are you will most likely be fertile for quite a while longer. I am 25 years old… I have at least another 20 years of being fertile. Do I want to be baby making for the next 25 years? NO WAY! Do I have to go on the pill to stop this? HELL NO!

Bottom line; the pill is bad news!

It makes me angry and confused… It is common for teenage girls to start taking the pill at 14-16 years of age for gosh know what reasons; pimples, not having regular cycles, period pain, etc… I remember being at school in year 10 and it was the cool thing to do, every one was going on it. Their mothers were taking the girls to the doctor and signing off on the prescriptions, totally crazy! Lucky for me having no real interests in boys, no massive pimply break outs and my mum being totally against it, the pill never entered our house in my teenage years. I did give it a go in my early 20’s for 9 months, it was terrible. I was so hormonal and a little depressed. I then tried the mini pill for 1 month and it was even worse so I kicked it to the curb and said I would never use it again.
The pill is not recommend for long term use. Its recommended for no longer than 4 years and if you want to continue after this; it is recommended to have a baby or at least a good break before your go back on it again. So this is the problem; If people are not meant to be on it for longer than 4 years then why are doctors prescribing it to teenage girls??? What happens to all these teenage girls when they get to age 20 and actually have a boyfriend and they want the pill to be in good working action?? At this time, most girls stay on it… They stay on it for another 5-10 or maybe even 15 years longer when they find the perfect man, settle down and want to have a baby. And what? They can’t get pregnant????? YES! Their poor hormones have been screwed about for 10-20 years having no REAL period and everyone is wondering why fertility is such a crisis right now. I know there are alot of other aspects that contribute to good fertility but this is a massive factor! The pill depletes fertility and pregnancy nutrients, include folate, vitamins A, B, and C and Zinc.  If you want to know more reasons as to why you should stop taking the pill there is an awesome interview here, and a couple of excellent articles here and here
And its not just the pill; anything that messes with your hormones like the arm rod (Implanon), NuvaRing, etc are bad in my book. It gives u higher chance of getting a hormone related disease, infertility, etc… All bad! I have pretty strong views on this. 
As women, our bodies were created to create! They are made for baby making… But if our bodies are not in pristine condition then it is going to be hard work. Our body won’t allow us to bring a baby into the world if its not a good, healthy, working environment. 

Take it that our bodies are in tip top working order. What should we do when we want to avoid getting pregnant???
Well, apart from the other obvious contraceptives, you can keep your legs closed and fight your partner off! Or its all about the good old fashioned Rhythm method, AKA Fertility Awareness. 

Fertility awareness is a natural method of birth control and a fertility aid. We know its not that easy to get pregnant and you cant get pregnant any day of the month. If your body is healthy, then you should have good regular cycle. Now its time to document what happens through your cycle and then you can know when you are fertile and when your not through some simple body signs. You can then avoid those days or use other means of contraception. Its that easy. People think that tracking ovulation is only for when you want to get pregnant but its very handy for when you don’t want to too. There is a great ovulation tutorial here. Check it out. It is also the perfect fertility aid as your chart can tell you if your cycle is regular or hint to why you’re not getting pregnant if you are trying. And dont stress out that you need to start putting charts all around the house with different coloured markings and posted notes, there are some great apps for your iphone. P Tracker Deluxe is good. In saying all this, you really need to start listening to your body and getting to know how it is all working first before you try this as a means of contraception.

Cass xo