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You asked for it… ADDITIVE-FREE-OCTOBER!!!! 

SHARE IT AROUND! Sugar free September is coming to an end and why not STAY MOTIVATED AND BRING MORE CLEAN EATING INTO YOUR FAMILY! ITS SO EASY TO DO… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL YOUR DEDICATION OVER THE LAST MONTH! IT HAS INSPIRED ME TO KEEP DOING WHAT I’M DOING AND YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! The good news is that once you have tried sugar free; additive free is easy! You have all become professional Ingredients-list-readers and thats the hardest part. If you are up for the challenge, I would love you to take part!!! I would also highly recommend the additive free shopping list from Additive-Free Pantry. It has lists and lists of every food in each and every supermarket (coles, woolworths, aldi, etc) that you can eat; and yes it includes chips, lollies, ice cream… all the cheeky stuff!

Chemicals added to our foods are such scary things, as our body not only cant digest them, but they totally screw with our children’s development, attention, focus and learning!!!! If you haven’t involved your children already in a cleaner way of eating, this is definitely one to get them involved! You will notice a different within days!!! I am promising you that you can even create a child’s bright colour filled birthday party totally additive free, sacrificing no colour or taste, its just about using the right/clean ingredients!!!! I hope you are going to be involved and help to bring awareness to nasty food additives that our bodies CANT PROCESS and DONT NEED!!!