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Doesn’t every mother want to feed their children the best food possible? I should hope so. Our children are so precious and we should be making every meal as nutrient dense as possible to feed their growing and developing little bodies. School lunches are where alot of parents can go wrong; this sounds a bit harsh and most of the time its no their fault, but its true. I don’t know how many mums and dads I see in the supermarket loading their trolley up with junk and utter crap; little packets of chips, muesli bars, tubs of sugar filled yogurts, the list is endless and the parents don’t think their doing anything wrong. Well, its time to WAKE UP!

What happened to the old fashioned apple and a sandwich? Well, life is a bit more complicated, marketing just keeps getting better and kids keep wanting more. Its hard to keep up with the next trend.
What I have mentioned time and time again is that children dont need all the junk, they need nutrients to fuel their growing bodies and learning brains.
What kids love the most when it comes to their lunches is it being fun and inviting. Lunch Boxes with Love makes lunch fun without all the crap. Kids dont need all the sugar and chemical filled packet food at school. How are they supposed to concentrate and learn after biting down on refined grains and sugars? They cant! We cant expect them too. We need to get back to the basics and feeding our children REAL FOOD. Lunch Boxes with love products are a great way to get the good stuff into your children. Here is some info from their great website and below are some pictures of what I got up to creating a lunch box of love this week. I definitely LOVE LOVE LOVE the boiled egg moulds the best. Such an Awesome idea!

Lunch Boxes With Love
has been created for you by a mum who is passionate about providing her kids with delicious and varied lunches which are fun and practical too.We offer a range of products including boiled egg molds, to transform your plain old boiled egg into a car or a bunny, sandwich cutters to shape your sandwich into anything from a Train to a Princess.
The team at Lunch Boxes With Love has compiled a range of adorable & eco friendly Lunch products to make kids lunches fun and enjoyable.
We can help you turn any boring old lunch into a work of art that NO CHILD could resist!” … http://www.lunchboxeswithlove.com/

Lunch ideas from Fun Bites 

Go here to check out Lunch Boxes with love Great product range. 

Cath has generously given me an awesome package of Lunch Box items to gift to one CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT reader. All you need to do to enter is answer this question in the comments below:
Why do you think that what you feed your children is so important?
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Cass xo