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I know I haven’t been blogging much but… Guess What???

I know I have been non-exsistant on the blog lately but I have a very exciting side project I have been working on that I want you all to know about…

We’re having another baby!!!!

Yes, its true! I sit here; exhausted, nauseous, feeling constipated and like I need to bolt to the loo with the runs at the same time… I can’t stomach anything that resembles healthy food and all I crave is cheese burgers, hot chips, cheese and bread! YES!!!! ITS YUCK! So they are just a few reasons I have been off the blog… I just haven’t felt like I have had anything great to say… I AM TIRED, UNINSPIRED AND READY TO GET SOME ENERGY BACK! 

Believe me when I say; I want to want a nice piece of grilled salmon, green salad with a green juice but when I think about it I heave. While I have been feeling over the top excited for the new addition in our lives, I am coming to terms with the fact it is alot harder to sit on the couch and ride out who-called-it-morning-sickness-its-all-the-time-sickness when running after and entertaining an energetic toddler! I feel like a pubescent teenager with pimples, tears, more pimples and more tears! How is it possible to find something to cry about everyday? 

To say the least, it has been a struggle to get my act together and cook anything decent and with my husband away so much with work I am on my own, so little P has been my little ray of sunshine and she does such an amazing job at that! 

I am not writing all this blubber to get your sympathy (although its fine if you want to give me a little, lol), I am writing all this because I know it is hard sometimes to get your health mojo and every day isn’t going to be a perfect day! I have found it really hard in the past months and really have beaten myself up about not eating as healthy as I feel I should be… The turning point for me was when I told me yoga instructor I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago and she asked how I was going. I told her how awful I felt and she said so firmly; “That’s ok! Our bodies talk to us in so many different ways and sometimes we need to accept those feelings and just let them be”… I know this stuff! But I needed someone to tell me to chill out, accept whats going on and ride through how I am feeling! It was a turning point! If I need to rest, I put on some Teletubbies on for Pia and we sit on the couch, have a cuddle and rest. Its important for us to listen to our bodies and give it what it needs sometimes and be aware its not forever! It is more toxic to us to feel bad for things than to just do it and enjoy it…

So BRING IT ON! I would love to get this second trimester burst of energy that everyone talks about now and heres to enjoying a bit of bread and butter and laying on the couch under a blanket watching repeats of The Good Wife on TV for not too much longer! 

What were your cravings while pregnant? What did you do to feel better?

Cass xoxoxoxo