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TOXIC FREE FIND: EverEscents Organic Berry Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner + A GIVEAWAY


So who said Blondes cant be Blonde forever! I wont lie… I have been one to sit in hair salons for hours while breathing in the toxic fumes of chemicals, my eyes burning and just telling the hair dresser to leave it on as long as they can… Wishing and praying that the burning on my scalp isn’t going to break all my hair off and me walk out of the salon with no hair left! Yes, that was me! I like my blonde hair, I like it really toned and I want to walk out with it very grey and almost purple. Then I would stock up on all the expensive purple, Toning shampoos full of toxic dies, that I would wash my hair in everyday. Then blow dry the crap out of it and wonder why my hair was so thin and breaking off.

So now, being on this new straight, narrow and healthy path I thought I had to kick this being blonde addiction! Well, I  DONT!
I FOUND A PURPLE, TONING SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER that is ORGANIC, NATURAL, AND WITH NO CRAZY TOXIC DIES! Don’t believe me? Check this out! EverEscents has created a shampoo and conditioner that is actually coloured with berries, sound beautiful doesnt it! You have to check it out. I have been using it for the last month and it is just beautiful and it really works as a toner too. If I feel my hair is going a bit brassy I just leave the shampoo on a bit longer and it works just like a toner. I was surprised that you only need a very small amount and it is so hydrating! Having blonde hair is drying… And these beautiful products help to rehydrate and keep your blonde luscious locks as they should be. My hair has started growing again, its getting thicker and the smell is just amazing! The conditioner… WOW! When only using a very small amount, it makes the hair so smooth and silky! YES, I LOVE IT!

Go here to buy some of this great stuff!
My favourite hair salon; Organic Salon Dimensions also stocks these wonderful products and can post to anywhere in Australia. Go here to check out their fabulous salon and online store. 


EverEscents has given me a fabulous gift pack to gift to 1 very lucky CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT reader. All you need to do to enter is answer this question in the comments below:
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The winner will be announced in next Wednesday’s newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you’ve won.
Cass xo