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RECIPE: Seriously Sexy Summer Salad

Oh man I am loving fruit at the moment!!!! I could eat 5 oranges in a day (but I try not too)! Greens on the other hand, I am struggling with… So I thought, why not add my latest enemies together and make something amazing! Yesterday when I got home from a fun filled day with some lovely mums I wanted to wipp together something for dinner that was easy, yummy, super summery and thirst quenching. Theres something about pregnancy that makes your mouth feel dry and dehydrated all the time and that is why I am loving fruit so much, it hits the thirsty spot!
If you need a protein hit be sure to add some thinly sliced grilled chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, any meat to this masterpiece!

1/2 pomegranate
1/2 large mango
100 grams of Organic Spinach leaves
100 grams of grape tomatoes
1 cucumber, sliced into triangles
1/2 cup walnuts

The Dressing
Mix together;
Juice from 1 orange
2 tblsp Olive oil
Large pinch of salt and pepper.


  1. Pull apart pomegranate, finely chop mango and cucumber.
  2. Throw every thing in the bowl and mix through with hands.
  3. Pour dressing through and toss, toss toss… YUM YUM YUM! ENJOY!
Cass xoxoxo