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How I got pregnant when I wanted to get pregnant.


Fertility is such a touchy subject. Some people fall pregnant as soon as they think about babies, others can take months or years and others simply cant get pregnant without a bit of help.

So for us, some would say we were lucky! We discussed it and said; lets get pregnent this month! So we set our minds(and bodies) to it and did it… we got pregnant that week! But its not all that simple and we didnt just cross our fingers and toes and it happened, we ate fertile foods and supliments to prepare for at least the 6 months leading up to it! I fully believe in all the mumbo jumbo health stuff that we did in preparation to conceiving! It helped us to achieve what we wanted to achieve… That is; A new baby when we wanted it… And it wasnt just me that did all these things, I had my husband taking all the suppliments too. Did you know that men are usually the ones that fall mostly responsible for finding it hard to concieve with their mutant sperm they dont know they have??? So heres the run down of what I believe gave us the little miracle that is cooking in my tummy right now; 
  • Eating fertility foods everyday; eggs, avocado and lots of meat and fish protein (Protein is so important for fertility!!!)
  • Zinc Suppliment –  Zinc is a key factor in making many parts of the reproductive system work properly. Zinc works with more than 300 different enzymes in the body to keep things working well. Zinc is even more important for men and their sperm production. I have heard stories of couples trying to concieve for years and once starting on a zinc they are pregnant within a couple of months.  
  • Maca powder – Maca is known to balance hormones and give you more energy and vitality. It is a natural fertility booster by being a nourishing food for the endocrine system, aiding both the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands. It’s good stuff!
  • Probiotic and home made kefir – Our guts make up of 90% of how our body functions. If the gut is not in good working order (most peoples arnt), it will not allow you to conceive.
  • The Health Kick Program – My fabo naturopath Layla Metcalfe from MyGoodness Wellbeing runs these awesome gut cleansing programs that clean out your insides and bring everything up to speed. Our bodies need to be serviced every once and a while and this does it. When our bodies are running at top speed they are happy to bring a baby into it!
  • Nat Kringoudis’ website and her “Fertilize Yourself” ebook have been my bible; http://melbournenaturalfertility.com.au/ … Check it out, buy the book and Subscribe to her blog!!! Calling herself the baby maker, she is a pro and has so much fabulous information on her website. Not just to do with baby making, but she will help you with period pain, contraception, ovulation, heavy periods, no periods. She is an expert!
  • And lastly we had sex!… And I mean… we didnt just wait for ovulation, we had sex as much as we could. As much as we (me included)  wish that a man had just made this up, there are heaps of studies out there to show how important regular sex is for fertility. It keeps all the organs fit for working order and it creates blood flow to the organs so that if the sperm eventually does make it to an egg, it can fill it with nutrients and keep it going and growing! And the sex shouldnt stop once you find out you are pregnant, it is actually a key ingredient to keeping the baby healthy as it keeps the blood flowing to those areas and decreases the chance of early miscarriage as its so common in the first three months.

So there you have it, all the gruesome details! Do you have any tips for making babies? Share them with us below! 
If you are having trouble falling pregnant, dont give up!!! There are so many great people out their to assist! Always try the basic stuff first and relax! Stress is the worst thing for making babies!

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Cass xoxo

December 9, 2012