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NATURAL BEAUTY: Let’s Exfoliate!


Guest post…
Hi everyone,
Yvette here from holistic health and beauty! Have you been looking at your skin lately and thought!!! My skin looks Dull, Flaky, uneven, large pores, unwanted blackheads.., well you are not alone! 
Well I have a secret I want to share with you that can help with these problems 
EXFOLIATION yes!!! Exfoliating The skin 2 to three times per week you do wonders for your skin.. and  can remove the build up of dead skin cells that is clogging up the top layer of the skin.  
Exfoliation of the skin helps with blood circulation, you may have notice after dry brushing or giving yourself a body scrub your skin is a little flushed and you’ll have that instant glow ( I love that)..Try to dry brush your whole body every day to flush out those unwanted toxins and to help tone your skin and remove unwanted cellulite. 
I have some wonderful recipes you can use! And they will make your skin glow without using any harsh chemicals. 
Note: while exfoliating can be amazing for the skin!!!! There are times you shouldn’t exfoliate. 
1. Skin rash 
2. Broken skin
3. Sunburn 
4. Open wounds/ bleeding to the skin. 
Sweet oatmeal facial scrub ( all skin types ) 
2 tablespoon Finley ground oatmeal 
2 tablespoon granulated sugar 
2 tablespoons brown sugar 
1/2 cup almond oil
1 teaspoon nutmeg 
1. Combine all ingredients 
2. Mix well
3. Apply to wet face, rubbing gently 
4. Rinse well
5. Pat Dry. 
 Green tea exfoliant  ( all skin types) 
Brew a cup of green tea than save the used tea bag cut it open and massage the tea into your face this tea is full of antioxidants, and this wonderful tea will gently exfoliate your skin.   
Honey, chia seeds and cocoa nibs  facial scrub 
Raw honey 1 tablespoon ( You might need more ) 
Cacao nibs 1 tablespoon 
Chia seeds 1 tablespoon 
Mix all together gently massage into your skin and leave for 10mins and rinse off. The raw honey works wonders; your skin feels smoother straight away! 
 I hope you love these amazing recipes!!! 
Have a wonderful Xmas 
Yvette xxx  

About Yvette: Yvette is a qualified beauty therapist that has worked in day spas and with big brands such as lancôme, channel, Clarins. Over the past few years, Yvette has gravitated towards a more holistic approach.

She wants to do the very best for her body by leading the most toxic free lifestyle that she can. Being a beauty therapist; Yvette knows how to treat peoples skin, she has experienced how toxic so many products on the market are and she wants everyone of us to be absolutely gorgeous… NATURALLY!  Yvette makes incorporating natural beauty remedies, skin care and an organic approach to make up affordable and easy. 

You can find Yvette @