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NATURAL BEAUTY: The ‘Oil Cleansing Method’

Hi everyone!  Yvette here from holistic health and beauty. Today I would love to talk about; 

The ‘Oil Cleansing Method’ 
So I know this sounds Crazy cleansing with oil!!!!! WHAT oil
won’t make your skin breakout, or cause more blackheads?? Well no I thought
that too. It actually does the opposite, it helps condition the skin and if using the
right oils for your skin type it can really improve the appreance of your skin.
When using oils as a cleanser, I like to give myself a massage!
Not only does this help with anti ageing but it also increases the blood flow to the
Using both hands, start at the neck and massage upward to the forehead.
This can make existing wrinkles appear less noticeable. Massage tightens
muscles, which can give you a younger and brighter look. 
So here are some beautiful oils you can use: 
  • Jojoba oil- great for blemish prone skin/ normal comb,
    dermatitis, psoriasis,rosacea. Jojoba contains essential omega 6 and 9 fatty
    acids and vitamins A,D and E in the perfect balance to support skin health. I
    love using 100% jojoba company. 
  • Sweet almond oil- suitable for all skin types, it’s rich in
    protein and fatty acids. It helps to reduce signs of ageing.  You can buy
    these from most health food stores. 
  • Olive oil- this is amazing for dry skin!!! It’s rich in fatty
    acids, very nourishing and helps with the appearance of laugh lines and crows
    feet. The vitamin E in olive oil is a powerful antioxidant that works to fade
    age spots. 
  • Apricot kernel oil- contains minerals and vitamins A,B and C.
    It’s light in texture, easy absorbed and especially great for ageing or sun-
    damaged skin. 
  • Coconut oil- I love love this oil!! I use this for everything; my hair, body, and even as eye make-up remover. It’s great for all skin types, it’s a must for
    all bathrooms. I love using the Loving Earth coconut oil.  

To clean your skin with oil, apply a small amount of oil to the
palm of your hand, than gently massage oil all over your face. Massage well
onto the skin. Moisten a cloth with hot water, then hold it over your face to
steam your pores open and encourage impurities and oil out. When the cloth
cools, re soak in hot water and repeat 2 or 3 times. Done!!! X 
By cleansing with theses beautiful oils you will really notice
the difference in your skin. 
Yvette xx  


About Yvette: Yvette is a qualified beauty therapist that has worked in day spas and with big brands such as lancรดme, channel, Clarins. Over the past few years, Yvette has gravitated towards a more holistic approach.

She wants to do the very best for her body by leading the most toxic free lifestyle that she can. Being a beauty therapist; Yvette knows how to treat peoples skin, she has experienced how toxic so many products on the market are and she wants everyone of us to be absolutely gorgeous… NATURALLY!  Yvette makes incorporating natural beauty remedies, skin care and an organic approach to make up affordable and easy. 

You can find Yvette @

Do you have something skincare or beauty related that you would like Yvette to talk about in the future??? If you have any questions please write them in the comments below, or send us an email and Yvette will venture to answering all your questions! 

December 3, 2012
December 9, 2012