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The weekend Edition: Our mini Break in snap shots!

We headed down the coast over the weekend to my home town of Merimbula for a close friends wedding. It was such a beautiful weekend and what was the best part was that Mr choose life, live it, do it and I went off on our own to road trip an hour away for the wedding. This year has been really hard with him away on his promotion course so it was really nice to have some time together alone just chat in the car. The country side is so beautiful but the local cheese is even better! Here are our instagram snap shots from our weekend away down at my mums! 

  1. Mimi’s (My mums name that Pia calls her instead of grandma) beach house is so much fun!
  2. Morning at the beach are bliss…
  3. Ready for a wedding = FREEDOM!
  4. Magical Place for a wedding…
  5. YAY! Killing time in the country and found a cheese factory! Additive free goodness right here! I am loving cheese so much right now! hah!
  6. So much goodness right here… Prawn entree for wedding! YUM!
  7. Lamb = DELISH! Got to love a big wedding meal!
  8. It might be still wonky… but its beginning to look alot like Christmas! The tree is up! 
  9. Just a quick cuppa before we board the plane back to sydney!

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Cass xoxox