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FITNESS: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution Drive (and my Kickarse No-Excuses Workout!)


Guest post by Faith McDonald from Body buzz online

Get into shape, lose weight, eat better, drink more water, be kinder to ourselves – we’ve all promised ourselves we will try harder this year.  But unfortunately by the end of the first week at least a quarter of us will have abandoned our New Year’s Resolution.
Research shows that half of the population will set a New Year’s Resolution but less than 12 percent will stick with it.  Here is some simple advice to give you the DRIVE to stick with your new year goal.

  • Don’t give up – if you have already fallen off the wagon it’s time to get back on.  It’s never too late to get back on it.  I don’t believe in starting your diet on Monday.  It tends to lead to overeating today….instead start today!
  • Review your goals – it’s important to set realistic, achievable goals. Set yourself a small goal and acknowledge yourself when you have achieved it.  Achieving small goals will keep you motivated and help you achieve your big goals.
  • Invite a friend – find a buddy to train with or tell a friend what your goal is and have them keep you accountable to it.  Do the same for them!
  • Vary your routine – a lot of exercise and eating routines are abandoned because they become too boring.  Make sure you are enjoying a variety of healthy foods and mixing up your exercise routine regularly.
  • Ease into it – it’s common to be over-enthusiastic in the beginning and quickly run out of steam.  Instead ease into a routine that you will be able to maintain long-term.
  • It’s all about finding ways to incorporate new healthy eating and exercising patterns into your lifestyle.  Stop thinking you are trying to lose weight and start thinking you are choosing to live FIT, HEALTHY and HAPPY.

It’s now even easier to stick to your resolution to see a NEW YOU!! Here is my Kickarse No-Excuses Workout that you can do at home in front of the television!!!  Don’t you just love it?!!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Lying on your stomach engage your deep abdominal muscles.  Clench the butt on one side and slowly lift the leg keeping it straight.  Extend the leg as high as possible without taking the hips off the mat, keeping the butt clenched.  Slowly lower and switch sides.  Complete 20 repetitions alternating each side.  Do 3 sets.

Cockroach (Tummy Flattener)

Lying on your back with your arms extended to the ceiling and your knees lifted to 90 degrees from the floor, engage your deep abdominal muscles.  Breathe in and slowly extend one leg to parallel with the floor and the opposite arm over the head to parallel the floor.  Keep the abdominals engaged throughout the movement, breathe out and draw the leg and arm back to position using the deep abdominal muscles.  Switch sides and complete 20 repetitions alternating each side.  Do 3 sets.

Thigh Master

Lie on one side propped up with an elbow.  Engage your deep abdominals, lift the top leg and bring it forward 45 degrees from your body.  Keeping your abdominals engaged slowly raise the leg directly to the ceiling and lower to parallel with the floor.  Complete 20 repetitions on one side.  Change side and repeat.  Do 3 sets.  

Tuckshop Arm Annihilator

Sitting on the mat place a hand, palm down, under each butt cheek, elbows tucked in, and place your feet at shoulder width with knees 90 degrees from the floor.  Engage your deep abdominal muscles and slowly thrust the hips towards the ceiling.  Push through your triceps, butt and hamstrings to hold your table top position for 10 seconds.  Slowly release back down.  Repeat and hold 3 times.  

So NO MORE EXCUSES!! Get to it and HAVE FUN!!!

About Faith:  Faith McDonald runs her own Personal Training business on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  She is a passionate ambassador for healthy living; her Health and Wellness website, Body Buzz Online is dedicated to bringing you healthy clean eating recipes and expert fitness tips to empower you to live fit, healthy and happy.
Her mission is to shift society’s obsession away from weight loss and instead focus on a healthy lifestyle which not only improves your health and vitality but your happiness!
Faith runs fun and motivating bootcamp sessions and personal training on Sydney’s Northern Beaches at super cheap prices…. Be sure to follow Faith on facebook for upcoming deals and giveaways!