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My baby P’s 2nd Birthday Party! (Additive and sugar free!)

I have to firstly apologise how late this post is, little P’s birthday party was in December and I promised you all that I would be sharing pictures and recipes from the day asap, but then christmas hit us in the head, along with moving house, new years and this thing they call morning sickness that should be really called any time of day sickness… So with that, I am sorry, though I am so excited to show you what we ate at little P’s Tea party!

You should know by now that I refuse to hold a party for children full of crap! Of cause I don’t want my princess to miss out on a colourful day full of yummy treats and fun games but crap… NO WAY! I just don’t see the point in filling young children up with sugar and additives for them to reach an extreme high and then get hit with an awful low. Its not fair on their little bodies! So my aim this year was to bring a our friends a lovely morning tea full of deliciously pretty and yummy food that was also full of goodness! And I think we achieved it!
We ate chocolate crackles, banana and blueberry mini muffins, pop corn, butterfly cupcakes, chocolate fudge truffles, rich chocolate brownies, colourful fruit platters, sandwiches and mini quiche. We sipped on lemon and mint iced tea (OMG! SO REFRESHING AND DELICIOUS!!!) and sparkling water with lemon.
We followed with an attempt at pass the passel (Wow tricky with 17 x 1-2 year olds, yes I had 17 kids over, I am totally crazy!!!), a bit of dance and freeze and then finished the morning off with a raspberry and lemon layer cake coloured by nothing other than fresh raspberry juice. All treats were sweetened with either maple syrup or date paste, definitely no refined sugar needed! Each little kiddy took home a coloured pin wheel that Pia and I had made with tips from Martha Stewart herself here. And a little bag party bag with a small stuffed circus toy in it from this big shop hereMartha Stewart helped us out with the decorations; which I was absolutely thrilled at how pink and pretty everything looked. And my buddy Lynsey over at Angel Berry designs made us the most beautiful vintage tray chalk board sign that I am totally in love with!!

It was an out of control-felt-like-100-kids-running-around hectic, yet beautiful, beautiful, beautiful morning! We had a ball and little P had such a great morning socialising, dancing and eating with her ever favourite friends that we thank so much for being who they are!

So I will leave you to browse the pretty pictures and hopefully a little bit inspired to hold your own crap-free children’s party! Enjoy!

ps… I promise to have some recipes up soon! Everything was sooooooooo yummy!

Cass xo