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NATURAL BEAUTY: Pregnancy and your skin



Being a mother myself of two young children and gone through pregnancy I know it’s not easy!!! Tired, breakouts, irritated skin, itchy skin, perspiration, chloasma, stretch marks. But being
Pregnant brings so much joy and happiness too; you get to meet your beautiful baby at the end. Although not everyone get’s that pregnancy glow, so here are some little things that you can do for your skin and body to help bring your skin back to life.

* DRINK lots of water – water is the key to radiant skin, stops your skin from being dehydrated and puts moisture back into the skin. ( try some coconut water)
* DRY BODY BRUSHING is a great thing to do when pregnant helps with releasing those nasty toxins, great for fluid retention and will give your whole body a amazing glow.
* EAT SUPERFOODS – upping your diet full of fresh fruit veggies. ( try making some smoothies and green juices ) so good for your skin.    

Pregnancy hormones are responsible for increasing ( even overproducing ) levels of sebum in the skin, which can cause pores to become blocked with skin cells, attracting bacteria and leading to inflammation. You can reduct this by cutting back on fried, fatty, sugary foods. Never squeeze or pick your spots!!!! And try to RELAX, acne gets worse with stress.

Itchy skin – isn’t fun!! I had this! You can try massaging some organic olive oil after a shower and before bed while your skin is still damp. This will soften the skin.

Chloasma– most of us notice a change in our skin pigmentation; blotchy cheeks, forehead and neck that worsens in sunlight ( becoming darker on pale skin, lighter on darker skin). This is caused by the hormone that stimulates the melanocyte cells, producing the pigment melanin. Melanin absorbs ultraviolet light and responds to the damage of UV radiation by tanning. The same hormone is responsible for darkened nipples and the line ( linea nigra) down the centre of the tummy. Things that can help is to cover up outdoors, make sure your taking a folic acid supplement and eating lots of greens, oranges, nuts and seeds.

For stretch marksdry body brushing everyday will help, and also increasing your zinc intake. Massaging your skin everyday with coconut oil ( but sometimes you can’t help it, if your body gets them they will fade over time)      

It’s really important to try to avoid using chemicals when you are pregnant!!!! Its the best way to protect yourself, family & your unborn baby.

And lastly, most of all, enjoy your pregnancy! It’s a wonderful gift.

Yvette x  

About Yvette: Yvette is a qualified beauty therapist that has worked in day spas and with big brands such as lancรดme, channel, Clarins. Over the past few years, Yvette has gravitated towards a more holistic approach.

She wants to do the very best for her body by leading the most toxic free lifestyle that she can. Being a beauty therapist; Yvette knows how to treat peoples skin, she has experienced how toxic so many products on the market are and she wants everyone of us to be absolutely gorgeous… NATURALLY!  Yvette makes incorporating natural beauty remedies, skin care and an organic approach to make up affordable and easy. 

You can find Yvette @