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The art of up-cycling

As you have read lately, we have recently moved house. This house we are in now is super old and retro and I love it! Its so close to everything we need; including the beach, an awesome park and my favourite cafe with the BEST, REAL chai lattes you will ever find!!! Its bliss to say the least!
So we have been busy sorting out our new lives and finding spots for everything to fit nicely in our new home. I love having new things but I don’t like spending alot of money and I like the beachy, upcycled look. I just cant see the point in buying new things if you can just make your old things like new or even better! It was easy*.
So I attacked our old bedroom set and brightened up our room with lots of shades of white… Heres how I did it and heres how it turned out!

*note: It may of almost killed me in the heat and I may of had lots of breaks and a long hot bath to ease the back but I love how it turned out!!! 

1. Lightly sand the surface of old furniture that you want painted
2. Clean surface with a brush or old towel
3. Using a good water based paint*, use long strokes to paint furniture the colour you wish! 
4. Do another 2 coats for good luck

* note: If you want the white wash look then just water down the paint and use nice long stokes in he same direction all over. Or you can get a special stain which is very sheer. There is no need for more than one coat if you just want a shear look. 

DONE! Awesome new funky furniture that costs you less than going out for dinner! 

In the midst of hard work!
2 tone tall boy #1
3 tone tall boy #2
3 tone Beachy Bedside tables
Love my fins!

Have you recycled furniture before? Share some pictures with us! I would love to see! 
Cass xoxo