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“SURFACE – 2 friends, 1 passion and a pinch of serendipity”

WOW! Let me just start by saying that the smells that come from these beautiful products are out-of-this-world AMAZING! I only stumbled across the Surface organic skincare range a couple of weeks ago and as it drew me in closer with its philosophy I just had to try it! One fabulous part of this range is that it only has 4 products! Usually when it comes to skincare there are so many different products in a range that the companies try to tell you that you need so many different things to have the perfect skin and this means more confusion and more money! And it is simply not true. What is true, is that we do need to clean our skin everyday, exfoliate once a week and nourish it with moisture and everything else is just a bonus. 
Surface organic skincare has created 4 absolutely beautiful products to get us started and keep our skin clean, fresh and moisturised! 
So to begin the surface organic skincare routine I cleanse with the Neroli & Lavender Cleanser = This smells divine. Wipe off with a warm washer and then Spritz my face with the  refreshing Rose Maroc Purifying Toner. I have never been a fan of toners, simply because they usually stink of chemicals and are super drying to my dry/sensitive skin. This one though, I found super hydrating and another great smell so I have also been using it to refresh my skin over the day, great for after the beach! 
I finish my surface organic skin care routine with their rejuvenating creme. This one is my favourite product in the range, I love a moisturiser to be a really hydrating and feel like it is truly getting into my skin and doing its job. This one is beautiful and it leaves the skin with a really lovely dewy feel. I then use a little bit of the Citrus & Calendula Brightening Serum as an eye cream and that is it! Off to bed and in the morning its on again. If you love a beautifully smelling natural product then I would definitely recommend trying Surface Organic Skin care. It is bliss! 
 So heres the run down on SURFACE ORGANIC SKINCARE:
* Natural and organic ingredients
* Botanical extracts / plant-derived substances* Herbal extracts* Essential oils* Beeswax* Australian certified organic: 100% organic TEA TREE hydrosol, TEA TREE OIL* Certified USDA organic: 100% organic TEA TREE hydrosol, TEA TREE OIL

Surface Organic Skincare is Organic: In principle and in production

Our values are part of everything we do; they define the way we operate. We do not take short cuts and neither do the partners in our supply chain. We’ve invested years researching and testing ingredients and suppliers for SURFACE skincare to ensure that our products are pure, natural and sustainably sourced, locally.
Every single ingredient in each SURFACE skincare product is 100% natural. Unlike some of our competitors who may mix a single organic ingredient in a chemical sludge, we never use synthetic ingredients. Ever.
Our dedication to the natural purity of the SURFACE skincare range means you will never see any of these man-made impurities in our products:

  • Polyethylene Glycols (PEGS)
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial fragrance
  • Preservative parabens
  • Synthetics
  • Petrochemicals
Using local, fresh, natural ingredients sourced from across Australia provides us with many benefits. It allows us to maintain total control over quality at source, build a thriving network of organic suppliers who share our values, and ensure that our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced.
Cass xoxo