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WEARING: The belly @ 24 weeks and a TARA WOLF ZODIAC BRACELET

 What an amazing week I have had; a full 6 nights to myself in my own house = bliss! 
The first couple of days I couldn’t move and slept and then the last couple of days I was so overstimulated with new ideas that I couldn’t sleep but do I feel revived?? Of cause!!
Now that my babes are back from their little mini break we set out for a morning chai latte at our favourite cafe and this is what I put on*.

* note: I have been cruising around in either my pj’s or swimmers alot lately and I think this is the first time in I have put make up on and maybe even washed my hair in the last 2 weeks… I do have to say it does feel good to be clean and in some real clothes! HAH!