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Have you heard??? I’m a healthy lifestyle Mentor for Working Mums Master Class!!!!

YES! It’s true! I am SO excited to be a Healthy lifestyle mentor for working mums master class! An absolutely fantastic project launched tonight on twitter! As we all sat at our phones and computers in our pyjamas with a glass of wine (I WISH!!! … I was sipping on my home made lemon and honey tea soothing my sore throat) in hand, Penny announced the 16 absolutely fabulous women who will be expert mentors for Working mums master class
Working mums master class is all about looking after mums, supporting us as we face the big wide world of motherhood and attempting to reach the end of each day. Its about mums having it all, just not all at once! Working mums masterclasses motto; “we leave no mum behind” is just as it says, its a supportive environment full of tips and tricks to get you to where you want to be, where ever that may be!

As mentors, we are all mums that are here to help other mums in which ever area they need it most; from stress, home organisation, health, nutrition, and anxiety … There is a mentor in every area and we are here to chat! The best part??? Mentoring sessions take place on skype or over the phone in your own home!!! I LOVE THIS! We can chill with a cup of tea and chat while setting goals and providing ways to achieve them! 

Check it out here and while your there why not book a mentoring session with me???? YES!!! DO IT!
I love coaching people into a healthier way of living! Mentoring sessions with me will provide solutions on how you can swap the good for the bad and improve the long term health of your family. Sound good? Let’s chat! 

Cass xoxo