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Placenta prévia… Is it really such a big deal? And why are you trying to mess up my birth plan?


Firstly, I don’t usually like doctors. I don’t like doctors because they usually just guess what’s wrong with you, then over prescribe medications and then hope for the best. I stay far away from doctors unless absolutely necessary. The amount of times at school I needed a doctors certificate to get out of something and I would walk into a doctors surgery totally healthy but giving them a story that I had a sore throat and head ache and be given not only the doctors certificate that I wanted but a whole heap of antibiotics was disgusting!!!! Obviously I threw the unnecessary drugs in the bin, but couldn’t they tell I wasn’t even sick??? When people ask me who my general family doctor is I can’t tell them, I don’t have one. Simply because I can’t stand the germs in the surgeries, we don’t get sick enough and they piss me off!
So when I was choosing a doctor to have our second baby I was super nervous but also thinking that it wouldn’t matter anyway as they are all the same… The main thing was that I wanted a woman.. Why? Because Pia was delivered by a woman and that was a great experience, woman have been through it, I listen to woman better and I just couldn’t imagine a grey haired man knowing knowing or understanding anything about child birth (thats just me). Call me crazy but that’s how I felt. So I set out to the big wide world of google to find a doctor and who did I choose??? The lady with the prettiest surgery of cause… No not really, well that she does have but also that she has a a team of midwives and consultants that work with her and my uncle had taught her at uni and he said she was a top student and heard only good things so I was happy to go ahead. I felt safe (-ish).

Now, 29 weeks down the track I love my doctor!!! She knows what I need to hear and what I don’t want to know. She knows that I want a natural birth and she knows that she shouldn’t scare me out of having one… Yet!
When she first told me that I had a low lying placenta, I just took it with a grain of salt… No need to freak out or go into detail, it would move. I have heard stories of moving placentas with yoga and I honestly didn’t think it would effect anything (also the fact that I live in denial)…
If it didn’t move and I absolutely had to have a c-section I would deal with it but I would make sure I waited until I went into labour first and let me baby come when it was ready.
That has always been the biggest thing for me, I don’t want to rush my babies, they know when their ready to enter the world. Our bodies are made to give birth!!! Why cant I try to give birth naturally first??? Being born out of the birth canal is so important, its important to give the babies lungs a big squeeze and get out any mucus and water, its important to give the baby its first lot of healthy gut bacteria, it is so important for the mother to help bond with their new baby, to pump her with all the good happy high love hormones… Its important to me! The funny thing is, I have never been one for a birth plans, I have always thought they were ridiculous as you cant plan what the baby is going to do or how your body is going to react but second time around… I just thought things would be easy.

Clearly, living in denial, aka fairy land.. I hadn’t done the reading what placenta prévia is and only really finding out that it classifies me at high risk when filling out the pregnancy yoga registration form and being asked the question of; “do you have placenta prévia?” in bold type and “do you have permission from your doctor to partake in exercise like this?” freaked me out. Still didn’t read up on it… But now, after another 9 weeks and another trip to my amazing doctor I have decided to find out what it actually is, what this placenta prévia is all about and why the baby may not be able to be born out of my lady parts! Its a lot for my head to deal with, so for now I will not be reading up on the scary stuff but reading up on the how to get the stubborn thing out of the wrong place that is is trying to settle in and why I will have to come to terms with not going into labour at all if it doesn’t!…

Do you have any tips or tricks for moving this stubborn placenta??? Or any insight???… Hit me with them as my hope is still there and I am not making any plans… yet.

Cass xoxo