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RECIPE: My Very Green Saturday Morning Smoothie

We all know that having a green smoothie daily has to be doing something good for us right??? I will be honest with you, I haven’t been keeping up to having them daily but when I do have one I always make it a good one! I love it to be tasty as well as pumped with a heap of good stuff! On friday morning I got some amazing organic fruit and veggies from the local farmers market so I was totally inspired to get into the smoothie action. I just love fresh food that comes straight from the farmer! Watermelon that has dark green skin and pips makes me feel good, organic pumpkin for $1 a kilo and organic homegrown tomatoes in a massive bag for $4 just makes my heart sing…  So here is My Very Green Saturday Morning Smoothie full of farmers market goodness…


2 x stalks kale
1 x small juicy pineapple
1 x handful mint
1 x cucumber
2 x oranges
Dash coconut water

Throw it all in the Vitamix or high powdered blender and wizz until super smooth! ENJOY!!!
(Serves 2-4)

Love and share!!!!

Cass xoxo