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RECIPE: Super easy Walnut Basil Pesto

There are so many little pots full of crap that are disguised as pestos and dips on the supermarket shelves that is makes me sick! I challenge you this week to go to the fridge section of the supermarket and have a look at the ingredients list on at least 2 of those crunchy dips. You will see that they are full of toxic ingredients such as vegetables oils, preservatives, colourings, flavours, etc, etc, etc… It’s GROSS! Especially as its such a simple food product that can be made with very little ingredients and is so easy to make!
So heres my basil pesto, it’s so easy and so freaking delicious! 

So why Basil? Basil is a highly fragrant herb with loads of health benefits! You can read some of these great benefits here.
And we know walnuts are awesome! The more research I do the more I am confused about whether we should be eating nuts very often or not but walnuts seem to be the most digestible, they have the best ratio of omegas and they are just super creamy so they are perfect for alot of yummy recipes so I would say they are great in moderation.

2 cup Walnuts
Big bunch of basil
1/2 cup olive oil (Use more or less if you need to).
Big pinch of Salt and Pepper

Throw is all in the Vitamix or high powered food processor and wizz until it goes to a chunky, crunchy paste. I don’t wizz for too long as I love it to have some nutty pieces in it. 
Store in a jar, will last for around 5 days.
Its great on oven baked salmon, salads, pasta dishes or just as a dip… SO DELISH! ENJOY!
Cass xoxo