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The Preschool Dilemma


Ohhhh preschool is the topic of discussion at the moment and I won’t lie, it’s very overwhelming. One minute, you give birth to a baby and the next minute they are out of nappies and your sending them off in their own. Are the little ones really ready for that??? I’m not!
I have friends that work full time, I have friends that work part time, I have friends that work from home, I have friends that are at home full time and don’t work at all. Every situation is different and I respect that. Any situation that a mother is in doesn’t make them any less or more of a mother…

When we started having babies we discussed it and decided that I was going to stay home. I wont lie, LOVE it, I love being a stay at home mum! I love the play dates, I love the playgroups, I love the dance classes, and I just don’t like the idea of someone else looking after my kids all day long. We are not rich, we do go without a lot of things for this and thats the decision we made. We cannot be extravagant by any means.

So now, that preschool and daycare are the hot topics I am starting to feel the pressure and it is confusing me as to when the time is really right. Some stay at home mums put their kids into day care a couple of days a week at 2 years old… For me, that’s not an option. #1; it’s too expensive and #2; why would I want my kid in day care when I’m at home anyway? I just don’t see the point. Yes, I am tired and exhausted with the pregnancy and I would love the odd break but I am not going to rush into it, I just cant justify it.
I first thought that my little P would go into preschool at about 3 and half years old for two half days a week (I know she would absolutely love it, she’s so independent. She would go now if I let her) but turns out that preschools in my area fill up so quick you need to get your children into them at the beginning of the year and then its a minimum of two full days. This means starting her at the beginning of next year. Then there is the fact that you need to put the little ones names on the waiting lists so young so they don’t miss out… There is also the choice between daycare and preschool…  And then there is the food; Oh the food! This freaks me out the most, I like to know what my kid is eating every day and i want to make it!!! Its all too rushed for me. So this is where I am stuck. Do I just put my child’s name down on every waiting list in the area and wait to see what happens and decide later? Am I forced to make a decision to send my little girl off to preschool before I’m ready to let go? Its all too much for this pregnant mother…. HELP!

What age did you send your babies to daycare or preschool? Whats your pick, Preschool or daycare?

Cass xoxo

February 28, 2013