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Therapeutic Body Brushing For Children



You wouldn’t think to body brush your child, but when they are suffering from sensory integration disorder (DSI), autism or ADHD, therapeutic body brushing is a wonderful treatment to help children with tacticle dysfunction or over-sensitivity to touch.  When a child suffers from DSI ordinary activities like stepping into a bath, wearing certain fabrics, giving hugs or eating particular foods can by torturous.

The child is dry body brushed with soft plant bristles using brisk movements over the arms, legs, hands back and soles of feet and then followed by a deep joint compression massage.  It is vital that the brushing is done by a person who has been taught the technique and avoid the face and stomach.

As the skin is brushed, millions of tiny receptors in the skin sense the prickling/pressure and send messages to the brain.  The brain over time, becomes accustomed to these messages and learns to “tone down” its response.  It is similar to having smelt something really awful and then a few minutes later couldn’t smell it anymore, because the brain will phase out the troubling sensations when we have enough exposure to them.  So once the child has exposure to touch via brushing, they become use to it and are not so sensitive to touching other things.

Best to seek the advice of an occupational therapist if you are wanting to learn more about this.

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Jodie Smith
Owner – Bodecare
About Jodie: Jodie Smith, Director of Bodecare, has always loved to dry body brush. While living abroad Jodie had the privilege to experience dry body brushing in luxury day spa’s and wanted to offer similar treatments and brushes here in Australia. Once returning to Australia Jodie spent a year conducting research on each brush with therapist colleagues who would test run the brushes. The end results are a beautiful range of traditionally crafted natural bristle brushes in varying firmness to cater for specific areas of the body and different preferences of bristle texture. Jodie has a keen interest in contributing to the preservation of the environment, which is why each product is made of eco materials or recycled timber, minimal packaging and reducing plastic where-ever possible. I have finally found me niche and am loving the journey it is taking me on.