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WEARING: All dressed up in black at 29 weeks

What a wonderful Sunday afternoon we had celebrating the life of my Great Aunt Pat. When I say great, I do mean a woman in her 90’s that is my mothers Aunt but I also mean an amazingly inspiring woman who was and is genuinely great! Being awarded an honour of Australia Medal in 2009, Mrs Ritchie ( also known as Pat, Aunty pat and the Patricia Ritchie) is definitely a woman to celebrate, in her life time she has helped so many people, she was truly someone to look up to and aspire to be just even half as wonderful! So much knowledge and wisdom. As she grew older I had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time with her and she didn’t hit me with the hard stuff, she would always just stick to the basics; “You need to start with a good breakfast you know, an egg every morning with a fresh ginger and lemon tea is a good start”… … “Always keep the same pair of fitted pants, that way every time you put them on you can make sure you haven’t gained any weight”… Oh the list is endless and quite funny, what she said always meant alot though and I always listened very intently. 
The people she has met, the places she has been, her handbags, her shoes, the jewellery… WOW the jewellery, all fabulous! She worked hard, played hard and never stopped giving! She was known by so many people and loved by even more. So, on Sunday we celebrated her life in the Gardens of the Mater hospital, where she has been very kind, now has a beautiful frangipani tree planted in her honour shading the words of the great Mrs Patricia Ritchie, who will never be forgotten.

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Cass xoxo