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WEARING: The belly @ 27 weeks + Witjuti Bamboo clothing

Its been a busy week to say the least, to be honest the only thing that has brought me back to earth is starting pregnancy yoga and it has been amazing! Every Saturday morning, my pregnancy buddy Amber (a best friend that is mum to Pia’s best buddy Archer only born 1 day apart and that is due only 2 weeks before me with #2, its super exciting!) leave our toddlers at home, hit the yoga matt for birth preparation, relaxation and time to be with our growing bumps and then hit a cafe for some mummy only time. Its exactly what I need as it is so different being pregnant with baby #2; your always busy with #1 and you never get a break just to be. The first pregnancy is so precious and you dote over your growing bump but second time around there is no time for that and time just flys by! So I have really taken the time to enjoy every minute of every class so far and when the teacher says namaste at the end I secretly wish I could just stay there a little longer, or all day… What ever she would allow! Every minute in that room has been bliss!
So if you are pregnant or you arn’t, you must try yoga… It is the best! And to make yoga even better, I have found the most amazing organic bamboo yoga clothing, more info below.

What do I love about WITJUTI BAMBOO CLOTHING??? OMG! EVERYTHING! Honestly I have never worn bamboo clothing and I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I put on this singlet and pants for the first time it was heaven, I seriously didn’t want to take them off so I didn’t, I wore them to bed… hah! And then, of cause I wore them to yoga! They are perfect for hanging around in, moving in, sleeping in, relaxing in, anytime of day wear I say…. They are just so comfortable, they stretch in every which way your body wants to go and they are great for pregnancy as well as when the bump is gone. My favourite part about the pants is that they have a roll down band so you can wear them very high over your belly (which I love to do when I’m pregnant) or roll them down for more of a hip style waste line. 
WITJUTI bamboo clothing and eco products are designed in Australia on Sydney’s Northern Beaches by the wonderful Mum Entrepeneur; Banika Smee, she uses only the best certified organic bamboo and it is remarkably softer and gentler on your skin than the average bamboo clothing you may see around. I would highly recommend checking out this brand, it is true comfort for any time of day.
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Cass xoxo