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7 things I’m doing to encourage my placenta up and out of the way!


So this pregnancy is definitely giving me its best shot at hitting me in the head with a sledge hammer… But I am fighting back and trying to give it a whole lot of positivity by asking for some guidance from the pro’s.

You all know now that my chance of having a natural birth is slowly slipping out the window, given that I have complete placenta prévia. I know!!! I can’t believe it? Why me? I have never been a smoker, I’m far from being over 35, I don’t take drugs, never had a previous c-section or surgery in that area and I was super healthy when we got pregnant… So I am guessing that these things can just happen! Now at (almost) 33 weeks, I’m not letting the chance of a vaginal delivery slip out the window completely just yet, as miracles can happen!

Sitting on the natural side of life, I want to give it my best shot at encouraging this placenta to graciously move slightly up so I can have a chance at pushing my baby out my birth parts. How can this be done? Well, after so many people telling me that it isn’t possible and I should relax and just let nature do its thing and a few sharing their more holistic views and hope, I am going with this list here:

  • Holistic chiropractor – I have found the most amazing chiro that specialises in fertility and birth preparation. We are working at aligning my body to the way it’s meant to be, preparing my body for birth, releasing any past injuries and helping to release any emotional blockages while helping to empower me for the birth that I choose, whichever that may be.
  • Acupuncture – In Chinese medicine it is believed that if you have this condition during pregnancy then it means your qi is down, everything in the body is low and needs to be picked back up again and sorted out. There are some great acupuncture points that can assist with this as well as Chinese medicinal herbs.
  • Moxa – I call this the hippy stick… It’s another way of drawing qi and you can learn more about it here. I have been burning it once a day over my belly button.
  • Yoga – Oh I love yoga!! Yoga works in so many wonderful ways and it truly is a way of life. My yoga practices stretch me, assist me in building strength both mentally and physically as well as help me to relax and enjoy creating my baby.
  • Meditation – I need to chill out so meditation is helping me every night to relax, bring myself back to me and start focusing on what is happening inside.
  • Visualisation – The mind and visualisation can be so powerful and most of the miracle stories point to this very one thing. During my meditations I focus on my baby and talk to it. I visualise the baby pushing my placenta up and use my breath to assist it.
  • Crystals – I am very new to crystals but I am being told more and more that they can do amazing things. Little P and I chose one the other day and I have been using it hand in hand with my meditations to help relax, empower and allow me to accept what ever will be, will be.

My main focus is to do what is best for my baby, so acceptance and empowerment for what ever birth I have is my main point and I am feeling better everyday!
Wish me luck! Any miracle stories you would like to share with me??? I would love to hear them!

Cass xo