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Looking for Shells in TIMBER AND TAMBER Gum Boots

Really and truly, these two kids are just so much fun to be around. Not only do they look like they are brother and sister, the love that is between them is just so beautiful it makes my heart melt and laugh all at the same time. They are just so busy when they get together, it is awesome! 
Recently we have had alot of rain and what does it mean when the rain pores?? We need to get our gum boots out and go stamping in it! With growing little feet, it was time to find a great new pair and searching on Etsy (My new obsession!!!) I stumbled across Timber and Tamber and the most beautiful gum boots for little people! I have to share them with you… Arn’t they just divine? 

Timber and Tamber Rain boots are the first product to come from the melbourne based company,  Secret Door.Co.
These boots are so well made and can stand any heavy weather. What I love most about these little boots is that the company always strives to reduce wastage and environmental impact, meaning they are eco friendly!
They are made from 100% natural vulcanised rubber, they have a sturdy skid resistant sole and 100% cotton lining which is anti-bacterial and quick drying! 
What even makes me happier, is that the company, being environmentally conscious doesn’t use shoe boxes and all of the boots arrive in the most gorgeous colourful ‘Canvas Shoe Bag’. It is such a beautiful gift and its a great little back pack for playgroup, lunches, to hang your boots, anything… I am in love!

Timber & Tamber Boots are available in 4 beautiful colours:
– Burgundy
– Yellow 
– Pumpkin
– Olive 

Our kids absolutely love them and little P litterally wont take hers off! Every morning she wakes up and goes looking for her gum boots and is actually a little sad when its not poring rain. But these boots are so cute why just wear them in the rain??? The rain graciously stopped for a day in the past week so we ventured out to the beach to look at the shells and found a few starfish sun baking too. Having a ball stamping through the sand in these amazing new Burgundy Timber and Tamber Gum boots, a blissful adventure and a dam cute one at that! I have to share with you (way too many) photos, so forgive me for being a gushing mother and enjoy these gorgeous pics on the beach of little P and her bestie!

You can get your kiddies a pair of Timber and Tamber boots here:
Keep updated and see some very cute pictures of some very cute kids in very cool gumboots on their facebook page here.