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Meet Working Mums Mentor for Finance, KYLIE OFIU

Another wonderful week, another another wonderful Working Mums Mentor! MEET KYLIE OFIU!!!

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself and your Business. How did it all start?

I write, blog and speak on ways to make and save money. I originally started with blogging about my journey to become a millionaire by 30, sharing what I was doing, which landed me a book contract with Wiley Australia which in turn pushed me into public speaking and freelance writing so my business sort of evolved itself from me setting a goal and blogging. I set the goal because I got sick of my husband working crazy hours so I wanted to find ways to make money and a million seemed like a good goal!

2. What do you offer as a mentor in your working mum mentoring sessions?

I offer specific financial advice such as budgeting, ways you can personally save and make more money. What would help you in your situation, with your family and time to balance. I can show you how to get out of debt, save for that mortgage, reduce all your bills and create multiple streams of income.

3. What are your top 5 tips for any busy mum?

1.) Use a budget to live within your means – work out how much your income is, what all your expenses are and make sure you are spending less than you earn.
2.) Make your time work for you – get organised, set up direct debits, make things do double duty (such as cooking 2 things at once), menu plan and grocery shop accordingly to stop wasting excess time at the shops.
3.) Focus on changing habits – make one change at a time instead of trying to overhaul all yoru finaces at once.
4.) Get extra income streams – saving money is great, but creating various streams of income protects you if one income were to disappear.
5.) You don’t have to do it alone – there are forums, facebook pages and even getting your friends and family on board with changes means you don’t need to do it alone.

4. Do you have any advice or inspiration to send out to any of our readers that are thinking about starting their own business or doing more of something they love???

Go for it. Don’t put it off. Work out what it is you want to do, research it, set a realist plan and do it. Time goes so fast and you will never have it “all perfect” so get it ready and do the best you can.

5. If you had half an hour to cook dinner and realised you didn’t have anything planned, what would you cook?

Coconut chicken schnitzel with a salad or I’d throw together a simple coconut curry with coconut cream, stock, curry powder, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, kumara etc.

6. What’s your favourite juice or smoothie?

Banana protein shake – milk, passionfruit yoghurt, a banana, scoop of protein powder, ¼ cup soaked chia seeds blended together.
Non dairy I love apple banana berry smoothies with apple juice, any berries I have, a banana, soaked chia seeds and just blended together.

7. What is your favourite live by affirmation, mantra or quote?

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become by Carl Jung. I even had this, plus my other 2 favourites stamped onto silver cuffs, but this is my very favourite. It got me through a very tough time at the end of last year. (Left a domestic violent relationship, was assaulted, stalked, then robbed and more within 6 weeks. Not all done by my ex.)

8. Lastly, anything you want to share with us about you or your business?

I have a intense mind that sees opportunities to make and save money, increase business revenue, ways to promote for free etc. everywhere. You name a situation or circumstance and I can show you how to make or save money with it. It is an ability I have had since a child and I have a real passion for it.

Instagram: kylieofiu