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RECIPE: Coconut and Tahini Balls

We all love treaty balls don’t we?? Well, thats what we call them in our house! Power packed treats that are full of yummy goodness! They are a great bribe thats for sure (hah), as well as being so much fun to make with your little ones. Its so easy throwing a whole heap of different ingredients into a food processor and bowl and having lots of sneaky tastes tests as you mix it all together. Little P and I have been having a ball, its such a lovely way to bond with your kids and introduce them to healthy yet totally yummy food choices. We have been experimenting with lots of different mixtures and this is one of them, ENJOY!  Rest assured, we will have more power ball recipes up for you in the coming weeks!

Ingredients – 
2 cups raw mixed nuts
1 cup Medjool dates
1 cup Desocated coconut
3 Tbls coconut oil
3 Tbls Raw honey
3 Tbls Unhulled tahini

Method – 
Throw it all in the VITAMIX or high powered food processor and wizz until all mixed together.
Make small balls with your hands and roll in coconut!
Place in the fridge to set!

Cass xoxo