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TOXIC FREE FIND: Joli Natural Skin Care

Bath salts – BLISS
Deluxe Bath Serum

Well, to tell you bluntly, this pregnancy is not nice! I am tired, grumpy, have no energy, I have swollen feet, I am huge all over and my back is killing me every afternoon/night, if not all day. I am TIRED AND OVER IT! There are a few things that I am doing to give my complaining body a rest and one of them is baths. I cant get enough of them, every afternoon I count down the hours until its toddler bed time (which is getting later and later, arrrhhh!!! ) so I can light a candle, run the bath and soak in it and just be… So you can imagine how excited I was when I received these 2 amazing natural bath products from Joli Natural Skincare…. Well excited is an understatement… I couldn’t wait to give them a try! They smell just beautiful and they make your skin feel amazing!

The Bliss bath salts are as they say, total bliss! It has a beautiful relaxing scent that lets you travel to your own world and relax from the busy day that has been.

The Deluxe Bath serum is great. It has a lovely scent as well as soothing your tired body and moisturising your tired skin. It leaves your skin feeling amazing!

About Joli Natural Skincare:

“JOLI was started by Jodi, a mother of three boys, all of whom couldn’t use mainstream skin care on their tender skin without getting angry red skin rashes. Looking for alternative products that didn’t contain ingredients such as SLES, propylene glycol, parabens or mineral/petroleum based ingredients and finding nothing suitable, she set about creating her own range of skin care that is free of nasty chemicals and toxic ingredients. Good wholesome products that could be used on her children and herself safely without harm or irritation.

The JOLI farm is set in gorgeous natural Australia bushland with visiting kangaroos, ducks and kookaburras. JOLI grow their own flora chemical and pesticide FREE, such as: chamomile, scented rose petals, lavender and nettle. JOLI have been making gorgeous natural skincare since 2005 and supplying direct to public since 2009″….http://jolinatural.com.au/

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Cass xo
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