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WEARING: Isabella Oliver @ 31 weeks

The days are slowly cooling down, which I am absolutely loving! The heat has been getting to me and its nice to be able to feel like getting dressed and getting out and not just lounging around all day with finding Nemo on repeat. The tummy is well and truly rounded and I am well and truly feeling the third trimester fun of everything becoming harder and harder to do and move. I shouldn’t complain, but I will… Every night my back gives me some nice little throbbing and I feel like I could lay down and not get back up again until the baby is born but with a toddler its a bit hard to do that so life goes on and the mornings are good again! 

I found this dress online here at Isabella Oliver and isn’t it pretty? Loving the blue colour, its so comfortable and its perfect for dressing up a little and feeling good! Nothing like a piece of clothing to make you feel good when your feeling glum hey?


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Cass xoxo