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April 2013

My hospital bag essentials

My Bag is packed, yes it is! I am ready to have a baby! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I understand hospital births are not for everyone, but for me, its the way to go. I like to know there are resources if anything were to happen during birth and I like the support….

Sample Birth Plan



Birth Plans are not set in stone, they are really just intended as a guide to help you get your head around the impending birth of your baby, and perhaps get you thinking about some things that hadn’t occurred to you before about the whole…

Am I really ready???

As days pass and we make our way closer to baby birth-day I am becoming a total wreck!! I get excited, I cry, I get tired, I cry, I look at my gorgeous little 2 year old, I do a few jobs to get things organised and then I…


When it comes to friday nights, I’ll be honest with you, all we feel like eating is crap! My husband gets home from a hard week at work and we just want to sit on the couch and snack on. He sips on his home brew and me with…