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4 essentials for raising Super Natural babies!

Baby is coming! Theres no doubt about that, and although its room is far from ready, I have been busy starting to get a few things ready for its arrival!
The second time around is different as I have less time, less energy and less motivation. No nesting hormones have set in yet but I am holding onto hope and waiting for the inspiration to clean every window sill, mop every bit of dust and set up the perfect space for my perfect new comer!

I will have more to share with you in the weeks to come, but for now I want to share with you, what I regard as the absolute essentials to begin the journey of raising my upcoming super natural baby!

1. REAL NAPPIES ESSENTIALS PACK – Super simple, super affordable cloth nappies! No waste, good for the environment and easy to clean. I am really looking forward to trying these on the new babe as they seem so simple and will wash so easily.

2. MANDUCA BABY CARRIER – Baby wearing, baby wearing, baby wearing… Oh how many of you can tell me that you didn’t have to hold your baby in your arms and rock them to sleep for countless hours??? Babies love being close to their mummas, Why wouldn’t they? They have been growing close inside them for the past 9 months so why take the closeness away from them now? I had an awesome demo from baby wearing expert at Manduca this week on how to use it and it looks fantastic! You can wear your baby on the front, side or back! It is made for a newborn right through to toddler and beyond and you don’t need to buy extra newborn inserts, etc… It all comes as one with so many different, comfortable settings. Cant wait to use it!

3. LOVE TO SWADDLE UP ORGANIC AND LOVE TO LAYER ON MERINO – Startle reflex anyone? My little P loved to be wrapped up snug as a bug. These awesome swaddles are fabulous for zipping baby up without all the stress of blankets and wraps. Only made from the best stuff, the layer on merino wrap is perfect for my little winter baby.

4. NATURAL RUBBER SOOTHER – Some Mums love dummies, others are totally against them… Me??? I couldn’t live without them. The night Little P was born she cried and cried to suck on my sensitive cracked nipples that she had already attacked and I couldn’t do anything for her other than cuddle which wasn’t good enough. I soon found a dummy and within seconds she was sound asleep, happy as a new born baby. It saved me and made her happy! This time round, I am set and ready to go and this, without a doubt, will be first addition to my hospital bag! Of course, this product contains no BPA, chemical softeners, parabens, PVC or Phthalates like other dummies on the market may contain so they are the safest soother for us!

What are your must have products for newborns?

Cass xox