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Am I really ready???

As days pass and we make our way closer to baby birth-day I am becoming a total wreck!! I get excited, I cry, I get tired, I cry, I look at my gorgeous little 2 year old, I do a few jobs to get things organised and then I cry some more… It’s the way things are going and I am riding it.

I am just so emotional and its all a bit like; wow! I look at little P and I have so much love for her, it makes me think how is it that their can be more love for the next treasure that will be entering out lives in such a short time? Am I ready to go from being a couple with a baby to becoming a family of 4? Am I ready for sleepless nights of breastfeeding? Am I ready to face the next challenge? Am I really ready???

Well, I better be… This baby will be here before we know it and I will have to be ready and if I’m not, well, everyone else around me will have to help to pick up the pieces. That’s what being a mum is, isn’t it? It’s hard work, it’s emotional, it’s hormonal, its tiring, it’s exciting, it’s amazing, it’s fun and I love it! I am truly so excited for this new addition to enter the world so bring it on… I will be ready!

How did you feel in your last weeks of your pregnancy?

April 19, 2013
April 25, 2013