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My hospital bag essentials

My Bag is packed, yes it is! I am ready to have a baby! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I understand hospital births are not for everyone, but for me, its the way to go. I like to know there are resources if anything were to happen during birth and I like the support.  In saying that, I’m not a huge fan of hospitals. It’s the last place I would go if any of us were really sick; the food is far from healthy, the care isn’t always good and it can be too focused on what medication to prescribe next instead of nourishing the body with what it really needs. When I gave birth to little P, I was out of there within 24 hours. I just wanted to get home and enjoy our new little family. Her birth was wonderful though and I had an amazing midwife that stayed with us from the moment my labour began, she was amazing support for both my husband and I and her birth was great! This time, things will be different and we are ok with that but my stay in hospital may be longer and I wont get down about it, I am just planning to see it as my little holiday with my new baby! This means I want to make my stay comfortable so these are my favourites, my hospital essentials that are ready to go and packed in my hospital bag. And yes, top of the list is a heap of coconut water… Why? Well, why not? Its the best isn’t it? It is amazing for hydration so it will be my number one saviour when it comes to energy and kicking off breastfeeding on the right track. I have some great little things for both baby and I as well as a whole heap of huge granny undies and hoop size maternity bras that I will spare you the pictures. The plan is that with these things below, I will try to relax and enjoy my little holiday away from home with my new baby before I head back to reality and am fighting off an over eager big sister that wants to poke and prod and pick up the new addition and get used to becoming a family of 4.
Cass xo

RAW C 100% Natural COCONUT WATER, Everescents Berry blonde shampoo and conditioner travel tubes. 
For baby: Natural Rubber Soother’s, WOTNOT BABY WIPESVM Baby Bum Bum Balm, and VM Nip Nip Nipple Balm

Juniper Wilde ORGANIC “HELLO” Baby Blanket – Swaddle (This is gorgeous!!!) 

Mod mum Maternity Hospital gown, Singing Slowly custom made Bath robe, Witjuti Organic Bamboo lounge pants and singlet top. 
April 25, 2013